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Need rebuilder recommendations for Stromberg carb


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Try Harry Benchwick at Benchwick Carburetor in Youngstown OH. He has a FaceBook page. A friend just got an EX-23 rebuilt there, looked good enough that I sent Harry four EX-23 carbs (6-62 model from 1937 Dictators) about 3 weeks ago for my Indy car project. I just got an email that they are finished - pretty quick. Only downside is that he can only do yellow zinc finish on the bodies, not clear, but I can live with that. I’ll post photos in a couple of days when I get home from a trip.  Here is a “before” photo:






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I think the photos that Harry Benchwick sent me make the carbs look more yellow than they actually are.  The carbs arrived at my house today, so I put them on some bright white paper, took some pictures, then adjusted the color to get the paper looking white in Photoshop Elements to take out any residual color cast due to the fluorescent lights in my office.  Here is a photo that captures the actual colors pretty well.  The zinc bodies are more of a tan or olive than bright yellow.  The cast iron bases look like the correct dull black.  


Otherwise, the appearance of all the parts looks good, clips in place, throttle and choke plates move freely.



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Harry Benchwick charged me $175 per carb plus the cost of the rebuild kits.  I was able to give him 3 correct kits that I had bought previously.  There was one more that he could not use. so he charged me for a new one.  A rebuild kit with gaskets, etc. now costs $60-$80.  I think the charges are typical.

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