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mystery trim on a '51


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I recently found an original 1951 Buick Magazine dated February 1951. The illustrations show all models with a piece of headlight trim running back along the top of the fender. My car is a '51 Super and I've looked at plenty of others from that year and none seem to have it. 


Am I missing something or did the illustrator take a little artistic liberty ? Thanks !




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Very interesting.  It is probably a pre-production rendering; these spears were probably slated to be on the car and then nixed from the design at the last minute for regular production cars.  I've seen other things like this in Buick literature which were innacurate based on what actually came out.  Seems crazy that by the time this publication came out, production models were already out for awhile though and nobody noticed this.

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Good to hear. I'm not going crazy. 


I read in a Buick service bulletin somewhere due to the Korean War, certain material restrictions were mandated so Buick had to cut back in certain areas (war chrome). Maybe those trim elements had to go. And perhaps accounted for the pot metal trim items as well, like the grill mustache piece  that I just sent out for $$ re-plating 😢

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