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Complete Collectible Automobile Collection

Bruce O'Connor

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I have every issue of Collectible Automobile magazine, starting with the initial issue (V1, No. 1), and extending to the current issue (V36, No. 5), that I acquired as a subscriber from day 1. All are in like new condition (having been read only by me) and are housed in CA slipcovers.  Can I have some advice as to how this collection can best be sold? I have seen a previous post from 2007 as to how to sell a partial collection. That information is dated and incomplete. And I have found no complete sets sold on eBay.

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From both personal experience and online discussions, magazines in general are difficult to sell.  Collectible Automobile is physically heavier than most other car magazines so postage becomes a factor in marketability. 

One approach would be to break down the collection into batches sized to fill a postal flat-rate box. 

I sometimes check the 'sold' listings of big-time magazine vendors on eBay (feedback in the multiple thousands) and they too have been going with the 'batch' method. 

Selling them one at a time would take years. 

You could also advertise locally on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to avoid shipping costs, but you have to deal with buyers face-to-face and not everyone likes to do that.


If you hear of other ideas please share them here so others may also benefit.

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Hi Bruce. Welcome to AACA, and thanks for considering us. It is always a very good idea to include your location for any sales of large items. I have seen collections of magazines sold "Pick up only" here. Agree with Harold, magazines are generally slow to sell. Good luck, Bruce. Merry Christmas to  you.    -     Carl 

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A few years ago, I bought a set of Collectible Automobile

that was complete up to maybe 2014.  It was advertised

in the newsletter of a near-by AACA region;  I paid about

$300 for it, and got a long run of Skinned Knuckles magazines

as a bonus.


That worked out to less than $2 per issue for the

Collectible Automobile issues.  All were in perfect condition.

I think, in general, more people want to get rid of

car magazines than the number of people seeking them.


Advertising them in a local newsletter to reach local car fans

might be a good choice for you.  Even if you're not a member

of a local AACA region, their newsletter editor might be happy

to have your ad, as it can benefit members.  Advertising there

reaches specifically your desired audience of antique-car fans--

not a general crowd--and avoids the cost of postage and the

effort to mail them.



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Many thanks for all of your comments. I had thought that having a resource such as this collection would be attractive to auto collectors. it is just not a magazine - the articles have a lot of substance about the makes and models covered. I also have thought of donating the collection to a car museum. But I recognize that the hassle to me of boxing and shipping is the same for delivery to a museum as to an individual. 

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I don't know that a car museum would use them,

but the AACA Library in Hershey, Penna. would be

a good place to donate them.  The library probably

has all issues, but they would sell them at their annual

sale to raise money.  Where are you located, Bruce?


I think Collectible Automobile is indeed just a magazine,

though it has a high-quality format.  A much better

researched publication was Automobile Quarterly,

issued only in hard-bound format 4 times a year, and

their issues don't bring all that much money either.

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Add 3 words to your title, Bruce : Pickup Seattle Area. That should bring someone. Quite a few of us around/in Seattle. Very busy time for the next few days, though. Hmmmmmmm.................  mmmmmm.......... What a nice Christmas present to be enjoyed for years by a car guy/gal with plenty of bookshelf space.   -   Carl 

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The listing looks good but in my experience auctions with a reserve price can be a turn-off to potential buyers.  It might be better to have an opening bid at or very close to your lowest acceptable price.


Please don't take this personally...it's just my opinion.



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