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Split rim straightener?

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   A couple of rims on my 20's Studebaker have been stretched oblong and sideways, so I have a wobble going down the road.

   I think that back in the 1920's, that there was a machine that you could use to make them true. Does anyone know of such a machine? And who has one that could straighten the rims? Or who has had this kind of rim successfully fixed at a commercial shop? Or who has managed to do it themselves, and just how did you do it?

     I am hoping that someone has this information, before I try to devise, fabricate or invent a way to make them again round!

     I am sure that the rims were bent, by using the 3 leg rim tool incorrectly.

Help? I have posted this on a couple of other forums.



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Hello George,  I have been having trouble with my computer but did get your E-mail asking about your rims.  In Mansfield I did measure your rim diameter but no longer have the figures.  I'm thinking they are called 21 inch but actually larger.   Do you know the vendor Vin Cassidy from the Boston area?.  1-978-758-0834 . He deals in early  parts from 1900 to the late 20's.  I saw him at Hershey last year and bought two nice  32 x 4 Kelsey rims for $85. ea.  I was happy.  He said he has about 2000 rims.  I expected to cross paths with you at Hershey but discovered I wrote your vendor spot down wrong and had no other information with me. I had a great buying spree and found all the parts I was looking for.  Attached you will see I have completed the dual chain drive rear end for my 1907  Vanderbuilt racer project.   Only one chain is shown.  I have the axles made but I need to have them shortened by a machine shop as they are too  hard for my metal saw to cut.   They plug into the rear hubs and them the wood wheel brake drum bolts to them.  Then chains are drive by a 36 volt golf cart rear axle which is shown in the picture.  I am having fun building this and should be driving it around the neighborhood this Spring.  Give me a ring if you have some spare time.   I hope your back is doing better.  Life is Good.  Don Feeney 740-816-4284



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 I enjoyed your company and help at the National this year. Looks like you have another neat, fun project going!

I have started to work on my rims, so the damn car left rear wheel doesn't wobble so much. I have that rim off, and 3 others that I am trying to straighten. I am sure that my car does not have the right wheels, as supposed to be like 23" and mine are 21". But for the life of me, I can not figure out what mine are off of. There are some Standard Sixes ( the continuation of the Light Six), but they have 12 bolts, and mine only has 8! 

  In any case, could you look in your rim book, to see if there are any that are close to 21" that look like these rims? Just in case I can not straighten mine out? And send me a copy of that page? Rims to fit too, please.

 Thanks George Rohrbach

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Hello again George,  Have you been in contact with Vin Cassady?  As I mentioned before he has quite a collection of early rims and is quite knowlegable  Send me your home address and I'll make some copy's from my rim book.  My computer friend will be here this week and perhaps he can teach me how to scan a copy and send it by E-mail.  Yesterday was a good day for me.  I have the chain drive rear finished on the Vanderbuilt  project  and the Golf cart electrical controls transferred and powered the unit up using the 36 volt batteries. I was happy to see the chains run.  I think when finished this will be a neat parade car.   You can see the golf cart motor/rear axle in the attached picture.  Good luck on your rim search.   Don Feeney


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