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MOPAR Stricker Plate Identification


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Hi, I have a couple of striker plates which were found in a box in my shed.

I was wandering if someone with a little bit of knowledge about these could put a year and vehicle to the ones I have a ? against.

Top LHS 1936 Desoto. (after 2 more)

The top middle is solid and no moving parts - 36 Dodge?

The top RHS 37-39 Dodge, Plymouth & Chrysler ? (2 NOS for sale)

Bottom LHS is like Desoto but extended at bottom 36 Chrysler ? (will sell the 2 I have if I can get the Desoto replacements)

Bottom middle NOS - 1939 ? (for sale)

Bottom RHS - Ford Latch ?

Any assistance appreciated as they may help someone with their restoration.


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The one on the top left looks like the ones for my '36 Dodge. I have 4 of the lower center ones on it now but they don't look safe to me. I need 3 more of unbroken originals. I think anyone of the like kind would work ok as long as you had the matching dovetails for the doors.

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Yes, the top left seems to break maybe due to small moving parts and I like yourself have a number of broken ones.

Maybe the top middle one was introduced as a replacement due to the breaks, being solid and having no moving parts.

Still like to identify bottom centre ones car with a view of finding a new home, I think the retracting dovetail was to be some sort of improvement that

is why I thought after 1936..

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