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1934 Dodge Production Figures


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Just asking if anyone knows any further information on Production Figures for the 1934 Dodge DR 4 Door Sedan Series.

My Serial Number is 3736886 which shows it was built in the U.S.A. A total of 53479 were built. In the book "The Dodge Story" it says 6108 Passenger Cars were Canadian built and 289 Series DR cars were sent overseas.

Mine is a Factory built Right Hand Drive with a Budd Body. As far as I can find out mine is one of only a handful of Factory made RHD cars in Australia that were made in Detroit ( based on the serial number )

Does anyone have any other production figures ?

I've also found that 1475 Chassis were made which I assume were sent to placed like South Australia where T J Richards made bodies utilising a lot of wood in their Doors and Bodies.


Thanks for reading and any further information is appreciated.




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From a serial number book that I have (assuming that they used all the numbers) and they do not break it down further by body style:


1934 DR Produced in US Ser # 3 680 001 - 3 756 367    For total possible production of 76 366 of all models

1934 DT Produced in Canada for Export Ser #9 455 721 - 9 460 020  For total possible production of 4 299 


Interesting is that the book I have doesn't have any other DR production for Canada but I've always taken the Dodge Story to be accurate.  I always figured that the export cars were built here in Canada as it was simpler to ship to another Commonwealth country but apparently that wasn't the case.  


Just curious what the difference was between the DR and DRX cars?  


This is the serial number book that I have - wondering if anyone can comment on how accurate it is?



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Thanks for posting that....interesting book you have there.

Based on that which confirms what I know is that my car as an export car was made in Detroit. The serial number matches with those made there. I did contact Chrysler Historical and they said that no records were kept of the production quantities that were sent overseas ( export ). That being said, I haven't found another factory made RHD with a Budd Body in Australia yet but there must be a few here I guess.


I believe the DR and DRXX ( I think it had 2 XX's ) were two Models and the DRXX was a cheaper model. Example is the DRXX had on piece glass window for the driver and passenger front doors whereas the DR had split windows. The DRXX also had a limited number of accessories available.

Just for interest.....for all models you could buy an Umbrella as an accessory.....file that one away to bring up at your next BBQ !!




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