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Wunderground and the weather channel have a better forecast of mostly and partly cloudy with a 20% chance of showers each day.  Accuweather is raining on our parade. 


I used to use accuweather but after this weekend when they showed no rain in the state and none even on the radar while it was raining on my skylight and more pronounced on the mountain across from me,  I have lost some faith in their ability to forecast much less look out the window to atleast get the current weather correct. 

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It I S. Drop Dead Gorgeous...... And VERY DRY....

Get your collective tushies down here......


And make sure you stop by RCC 74 - 76 for the finest spread in all of Hershey --- NEW and N.O.S. parts for Old Cars -- 1930s thru 1970s.....


R for the Red Field, C C for the row, spots 74 to 76.....

      R C C 74 - 76 ..... Yours, Craig......

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