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1935-36 Auburn 6 cyl engine WTB


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On 9/29/2019 at 5:38 PM, vintchry said:

I have a customer that is in need of a  short or long block engine for his 36 Auburn 6 cylinder. Let me know if you can help. Rob Burchill, Hattie's Garage 240-344-2922


This post also needs put out on the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club forum under the Auburn page (I will do the post for you).  And, also the Horseless Carriage Club website. 

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You might also consider a couple other things:

(1)  identify your engine in your posts---per one of my old catalogs it should be a Lycoming WF (repeat, should). This's in case Lyc also sold that engine to other m'f''r''s, whose models may be the same engine or same block...

(2) check with  the  ACD  people whether they already know of any other makes using the engine or a close enough version blocks or complete engines may drop in if available WFs are out of reach for some reason......

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Well, as usual, couldn't leave well enough alone---another catalog says should be WS...

Both seem to be part of a series---W 21/4, WRG, WS, WSG 27/8, WTG 3" and WF, WFC 31/16 bores, all 43/4 stroke, so it's possible one superseded the other...

.The series seems to share some gaskets; WF and WFC having a separate head gasket; the WF and WFC are carried in the Auburn section in my 38 Victor, rather than lumped in with the others in the Lycoming section in my 50 Fitz. I'm sure the Club can advise if any blocks/engines interchangeable; none of  the Ws seem to've been all that popular engines per makes penetration, but I have no actual production numbers......

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Auburn parts rarely if ever interchange - people talk about it being a component built car - yes, it was component built but the holding company owned a significant number of the parts manufacturers and a result it all tends to be petty unique.  As to the blocks, on an 8 cylinder car you have two common styles - one with a bolt on water jacket and one with 5 freeze plugs.  Then you have the block with the three freeze plugs and I believe a fourth style that has a mount for the supercharger or something like that (I have never seen one of these in photos or in person).  As to the 3 other 8 cylinder styles I have owned each.  


As to the 6 cylinder cars, I do not know if multiple styles or not, but my opinion is any style would be fine as this car needs to get back on the road - it was a very well restored car that had a bad day. 

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Many thxx for enlightenment re' Auburn commonality, or, more accurately, the lack thereof.....

Per the 38 Victor and a 63 McCord, (not to be considered complete) Elcar used the W and WS, Gardner used the WR and Ws  (WR was not in the 38 Vic, the  50 Fitz or the 63 McC.; I assume same bore as WRG) and Kissel used W and ws. Unfortunately all generally desireable restoration units themselves.

There was also a smattering of trucks; will advise later...


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Well, made the mistake of eyeballing  another catalog...

Seems Elcar  also used the WR and WT in addition to those above, and Kissel also used the WR   ...

Penetration was better among trucks..

.Amer LaFrance---WTG

Atterbury---WRG, WTG

Corbitt---WF, WFC


LaFrance-Republic---WRG, WTG


Stewart---WR, WRG, WS, WTG


While not a very promising list, keep in mind these catalog listings are far from complete;


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