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Wanted 1948 Chrysler New Yorker Business Coupe

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Hi Lawrence,


Have you seen the one advertised on classiccars.com   ?    I also have been looking for a business coupe for a couple years now but not specifically a 48 New Yorker.  I was going to call the guy but didn't, I think he's asking way to much, at $26,500, but I have not seen very many 8 cyl cars come up for sale.

If you have any leads on any coupes other than 48 New Yorkers let me know.  I'm looking at Chryslers and Desotos from 41 to 48.


Thanks,   Ed

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I had to build my own NY from a Windsor coupe and a NY four door sedan.

I know a guy that has enough parts to build another one, but I am waffling about the project at the present.

I don't think he has the running gear which doesn't bother me that much.



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