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More A/C fixing done

Bill Stoneberg

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I hope I have made the final change to my A/C in my 1960 Electra.  The system has been redone and I am running R12 but was still not performing properly in the 95 + degree days we get in central Texas.

Over the pas few weeks I pulled the blower motor out and cleaned the Oak leaves out and bench checked it.  It seemed to spin much better on the bench then in the car.  I checked the voltage at the resistor pack and 

was not getting a full 12 volts to the motor.

We ran a relay to the battery and then to the blower so it gets a full 12 volts and triggered it off the A/C compressor voltage.  If the AC compressor is running the fan runs at hight speed.  No medium or low.   95 % of the time, that is 

what I want down here anyway.  I can control the temp and the heat settings aren't affected.

It worked well in out 97 degree test yesterday.

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Are the performance issues related to the a/c vent temps or the blower motor speed?  What about the foam seals between the gaps where the vents go together?  Or is it all flex plastic(?) tubing?


Any frost on the underhood a/c lines, which would indicate a POA valve adjustment issue?


Just curious,


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Performance issues were with Blower speed.  I have 38 degree air coming out of the drivers side vent. There is no POA (or as I put it, POS) valve on the 1960 Electra's. Instead it has a hot gas valve that returns gas back to the compressor as you adjust the temp. This is working fine.

The biggest problem is the big Non Adjustable  center vent that points to the back seat.  If I could get that pointed at me with its massive amount of air, I would be a happy camper.

I have not torn into the dash to see if its leaking but that is on my list of things to do.

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2 hours ago, Bill Stoneberg said:

The biggest problem is the big Non Adjustable  center vent that points to the back seat.


I agree with you Bill.  I have a similar issue with my '69 GS.  No body is sitting back there, and even if they were,  25% of that vent is blocked off in my car.  Have you tried a piece of plexiglass behind the front seat back?

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