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1927 Model 27 Distributor “Update”


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Hello folks, I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday (Labor day) weekend!


i thought I’d check in as I haven’t been on here in a month of Sunday’s and wanted to share that after fighting with the stock 1927 dreaded pot metal distributor that “we” finally got the thing out of the generator housing!


I say “we” lightly as I can’t take ANY credit for getting it out, all the credit needs to goto a friend of mine that is giving me a hand!  The car has been at his house for a month or so and in his spare time he was able to get the generator out of the car and remove the pot metal distributor!  The car would not drive over 25-30 mph as we discovered that the previous owner or someone else had retarded the car and then the previous owner died in December 2004!  So the distributor grew into the generator and there she was stuck in place, retarded timing, out of time, and ran like crap as you can imagine with no power at all!


While I should have taken Hugh’s advise months and months ago and immediately got rid of the ‘27 pot metal distributor I was stubborn and wanted to keep as much as the car stock/original as I could.  I even spent the $250-300 to buy a new cap, rotor, points, condenser, and wires!!  That did me no good considering the issue was the pot metal distributor!!!!


So yet again Hugh took to the interweb and sent me a few links to two 1928-29 distributors and I purchased both of them!


So here is a before and after, obviously I am no brilliant restoration artist but I am happy with the outcome from me rebuilding the “NEW” to me ‘29 distributor!!  I will rebuild the second one and after a year or two if all is still going well I’ll pass it along to someone who needs it and sell it.  While I couldn’t successfully save the nice dark background of the data plate my intention is to purchase a new one and stamp the data on it and install the new plate as soon as it arrives.


Before and after shots..... can you tell the difference?😳😂😂😂😂


As always thanks again for everyone’s help and advice, this really is a great community and I am proud to be a part of it!







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And here is the second one I bought, I am not done rebuilding it yet, it’s clean (now), no more rust, totally disassembled, shaft is good but just need to order the cap, rotor, points etc and paint the housing.  And the second one needs a new drive gear as the original was worn.


Here is the second one as it was listed on eBay, I must say it looked like crap!!!


Maybe it was buried as part of a time capsule or something back when the depression hit, sure looked like garbage when I got it!





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1 hour ago, Hubert_25-25 said:

William,  That distributor looks like new and should make a big difference.  Thanks for posting the before and after.  It's nice that you can use the modern inexpensive parts.    Hugh



Thanks Hugh, I appreciate everyone’s help and especially you helping me find these distributors!


And even more thanks for guiding me thru the process and advice along the way!  Even more thanks for continuing to put up with my text messages asking for help!!



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