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1915/16/17 Studebaker 6 cylinder hood


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See images, both 1915. I do not believe the hoods are interchangeable for the years 1916 and '17. Note the ridges in the hood. These are not on the later cars. Also be certain your car is a '15 model year. Confusion exists re this due to overlapping production schedule. If your car has the cloisonne badge in the radiator shell it would be a '16.


15 4cyl woman driver copy.jpg

15 six touring anderson labeled.jpg

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Hello, Thank you for your interest and help.  I am a 74 yr old retired mechanic on a limited budget.  I have just finished a 1922 Studebaker Big 6 racer which I built from a car that was beyond restoration. It is all Studebaker.  I tinker the Ohio winter away in the heated workshop and starting a new project.  I am building a Vanderbuilt racer style car from as many period pieces as I can find.  I have a good start.  I'm using a 1914 Cadillac chassis with RH steering.  I've  had a Studebaker radiator shell for many years hanging on the wall  and decided to use it.  It has the early look.  From the pictures you can see it was marked REO or Studebaker.  You can see where the Studebaker emblem was on it.  It is 25 1/4 x 25 1/4 outside to outside and top to bottom.  I found out a early Studebaker 6 hood was 40 inches wide.  My mock up wood/cardboard hood is 40 inches wide.   I was hoping to find a hood which fits the radiator shell.  Would you be able date the radiator shell.  Another thought would be to purchase a hood and radiator shell from the same car.  A 6 cylinder hood would be wider than a 4 and set the cowl back as my example shows.  I am trying to find something before fall Hershey.  If I can't I will look for something there.  thanks again  ,  Don Feeney



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The hood that I have:

Size of side panel is 32"x19".  Only 4 louvers per side.

Front bottom width: a little bigger than 21".

Front height to center of hood: about 24".

Rear bottom width: about 34".

The 4 louvers are at the back of the hood.

 I can deliver to Ohio SDC National meet, or Hershey.

George Rohrbach



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Well, I admire your ambition!! That shell is obviously not a '15. May be a 16 series 16, 16 series 17 or 17 series 18. I do not have any cars of that vintage to check. You might have some luck with Andy Ott down in Virginia who has lots of "hands on" experience with cars of this vintage. He could likely help you. Send me a pm and I will provide his contact info. 16 series 16 below.



photo features copy.jpg

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Hello again,  Thanks again for your time.  I spoke to Andy Ott last month and he did not have a extra hood.  If you are going to the National Studebaker meet  in Mansfield Ohio in Sept.  look me up.  About 3 weeks ago near Mansfield I saw a collection of early cars and a 1915 Studebaker 4 touring was there that was for sale.   thanks  Don

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Good afternoon. I am rebuilding a Studebaker six-cylinder from 1917. When I rescue the mechanics I had several missing, which I have managed to get, however I have started with the restoration of the engine and I still find some missing, I ask for help to get and allow me be able to put into operation Respecting originality as much as possible.
In particular I am looking for the "bendix" system that goes on the front outer tip of the crankshaft. And the gear and cover system for the installation of magneto or distributor. This parts are the same in Studebaker 4 cylinders. I add two photos in order to visually identify both parts ( Is not my engine). I will appreciate who has or can get them, send me photos and the price. (by message via Facebook and / or mail to rodriguezdieguez@cpenet.com.ar) and / or. WhatsApp 54 9 2954 737395. I am from Santa Rosa, La Pampa Argentina. I have been collecting parts for this project for more than 15 years, which I have finally started to repair.
Any kind of collaboration is appreciated. greets Atte Enzo Rodríguez Dieguez


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