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Sad news


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Just heard that long-time Franklin Club member Scott (Luke) Dwyer passed away earlier this week. http://www.franklincar.org/news/2019.html#memberupdate


Scott has been very active in the Club. He's been on the committee helping run the Franklin Treks at Cazenovia, he's written some of the highly detailed indexes of Club publications, and he's been the editor of the Franklin Service Station for many years. He's owned Series 11 and 10 Franklins and a firm believer in driving them often and on long distance, including to the Treks from his home in Troy NY.


 I will miss seeing him.



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Luke had also gotten interested in Pierce Arrows, and I corresponded with him numerous times during his search.  He finally found one and went to the Pierce Arrow Society meet in Indiana last month, and while I wasn't there I heard great things about his enthusiasm.  So sad, rest in peace Luke...…….

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