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Great pic of you and a "rare" model  Zeph in front of the museum!! I am planning to be there Sat; still not sure when coming or going (Fri/Sat/Sun).  She was not coming till you asked, now she turned into a "maybe"; I guess you have more pull than me! Made good progress just recently cleaning and painting the floorboards, axle, springs, made new brake lines/installed, and starting to install Warren's new isolation rubber, but will not have axle and all fully installed in time for the show this year.  But hopefully we finally reconnect! Do you know what days you will be there?


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I will be there Saturday only, work , family and life interfere in the week long event obviously planned for

wealthy retired folks  😉   It will be a great time, and I urge all of you who love Ford, Lincoln Mercury

or old cars in general to check this out.....fantastic venue, well run, safe and nice!


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