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So I know there may be some hate and envy as this topic continues but here goes.  .  .


Were there different styles of wind wings available?  I found 2 different pairs in the car.  The first has the glass and are oval in nature.  I can see a 37 and ford on the safety glass, someone wrote on them "1939 Ford."  They fit the contours of the door window nearly perfect.  The second is marked for their side and are labeled 1939 L.Z.  These are more triangular in shape and would have a straight aft edge.  These also appear to fit the door window.

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I am working on cleaning up the oval wind wings and cracked one which isn't a big deal as the glass was so delaminated that I did not plan on using it long term.  If I used my glass as a pattern and had more cut is there anybody else that needs glass?  Just thinking maybe you have the frame but not the glass and would have to fabricate the pattern.

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