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1947 Ford rear wheel bearing race wanted


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I'm looking for an outer rear wheel bearing race that fits into the brake drum of a 38  to 48 Ford.  I think the Ford # is 68-1226 and the rear bearing ( 68-1225 ) runs inside this race.


As an alternative, someone may be able to give me the cross reference part No. of a Timken or similar brand race or bearing that I can try to find locally. (once I have an alternative bearing # I might be able to find the race) 


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Thanks Tom. 

I also have looked and couldn't find a number but I was told it was 68-1226 by a NOS parts dealer who thought he had one in stock but didn't. I think they are shrunk fitted into the drum so theoretically could be replaced but its looking like I will have to  buy a repo hub.

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