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Lost Topic - 1938 1/2t Engine Removal Project

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Finished off today....


1) Exhaust from manifold to tailpipe....

2) The PItA splash tin.....(am not looking forward to removing them in the future once the fenders & radiator are in)


Was thinking to tack a small weld to the nut side.....




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I'm not sure you have the four sets of steel slotted cone nuts and thick counter sunk brass washers in the correct places on your manifolds.

Don't they belong only on the two ends of the exhaust manifolds?

I might be wrong on the older engines....

The purpose of those special tapered cone huts and 3/8" thick countersunk brass washers is to let the ends of the exhaust manifold flex and move preventing the ends from cracking.

Some pics of this special washer arrangement. What and where they are placed.

Four .167" thick steel washers are used  at the red X's

Manifold Cone nuts and brass Washers.jpg

Cone nuts manifold washers studs Ply Dod Desoto.JPG

Mopar Flathead Six Manifold+Bolts2.jpg

MoPar 6 cyl Fattie Manifold bolts (5).JPG

MoPar 6 cyl Fattie Manifold bolts (6).JPG

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Posted (edited)

Hi Bob, very helpful for sure, I will make the adjustment.


Logically, the way I saw this was since the inner manifolds are not completely shouldered, meaning not a complete hole with 360 degrees of shoulder surface, then the brass and cone would spread the torque better, and this is why I placed them in the center manifold shoulders....


But when thinking about the effect of heat on cast iron, this makes total sense to allow the flex on the outer manifolds in relation to the inner "chunk" of cast. 



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