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11 minutes ago, TrekLawler said:

Anyone have any thoughts on where to buy axle shafts for an 89 TC? finding out this year is the odd year on these which are equal length units. I've searched everywhere with no luck.

Is yours an 8 valve or 16 valve car? Shafts are different between the 2 engines.

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Single overhead cam 8 valve engine. I found one today but the supplier indicated these are obsolete and will not be made any longer. the boots on my car are torn and with it sitting in an non environmental storage area looks to be dried up and rusted. so not sure how long it was driven like this before being put into storage.

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try aftermarket remanufactured...maybe NAPA


1989 TC:


1 SHAFT, Drive w/Circlip
04505921 1 Rt.-Lt., w/2.2L Turbo II (GKN)
2 RING, Shaft Outer
05212566 AR w/2.2L Turbo II (GKN)
04384706 2 Rt.-Lt. w/2.2L Turbo II (GKN)
4 JOINT, C.V. Outer
04384734 2 Rt.-Lt. w/2.2L Turbo II (GKN)
5 05212536 2 SLEEVE, Outer Joint
6 05212535 2 SEAL, Outer Joint
7 HOUSING, C.V. Inner
04505905 2 Rt.-Lt. w/2.2L Turbo II (GKN)
8 SPRING, w/Cup
05212675 2 w/(GKN)
04384709 2 w/2.2L Turbo II (GKN)
04505907 1 Rt. w/2.2L Turbo II (GKN)

04505904 1 Lt. w/2.2L Turbo II (GKN)
11 WEIGHT, Damper
05212767 1 w/(GKN)
12 05212991 1 YOKE, Inner
13 04384514 1 JOINT PACKAGE, Intermediate Shaft
14 05212992 1 SHAFT, Inner
15 05212932 1 BEARING, w/Bracket
16 05212964 1 SEAL
17 05212962 1 SLINGER, Inner
05212975 1 Outer
18 04504007 1 BRACKET, Inner Shaft
19 06101299 2 SCREW, w/Washer
20 06500158 2 SCREW, w/Washer

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19 hours ago, Reaper1 said:

Be sure to look at the ABS ring! The TC uses a specific ring and if you try to use a "Chrysler" unit, you WILL chew up your ABS sensor as the "Chrysler" ring is a slightly larger diameter.

Regarding this difference in the circumference / diameter of the 'Tone Wheel', it is ALWAYS necessary to check the clearance between the Tone Wheel and the ABS sensor AT THE TIME OF REPLACEMENT of the drive axle. The ABS sensor is ADJUSTABLE! The clearance should be "approximately" the thickness of an old matchbook cover, specifically (7mm / .028 inch).

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  • 2 weeks later...

Didn't have to worry about the ABS ring with the new axles as I removed the ABS for the vacuum driven brake system. I was able to get the complete ABS wiring harness removed from the car. just completed the complete front end rebuild which included new axles, tranny seals, brakes, rotors, rebuilt calipers, brake lines and struts. now on to the rear of the car.

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