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  1. Thanks Hemi, yea, it would have to be the right price to let it go. as I indicated I really don't need to sell it as it's not costing me anything at the moment, but space. I couldn't have done the brakes without your assistance, they still need some work as they're still a little soft, but all of the rubber brake lines had to also be replaced. but the car runs absolutely perfect. as a matter of fact I was convinced to sell it until I started it up and pulled it out this past weekend to get pics and then sat down in it again. then the pure niceness of the car set in and I started doubting myself again. so the right buyer and price would have to come along.
  2. Hello everyone, well the unfortunate day has finally come where I need to consider reducing the vehicle herd at my house and selling my 89 TC. I purchased this car in Sept. 2017 from a neighbor who was retiring and had inherited if from her parents who ordered and bought it new in the Southern California area. I'm basically the 2nd owner of the car, it has 57,000 miles on it and I've honestly only been able to drive it for 3 miles since I've owned it. the car was in very good shape when I bought it on needing some minor issues taken care of such as the power antenna repair, all of the hydraulic cylinders for the trunk, hood, spare tire access have been replaced. when I got it, it had been sitting in her garage for almost 15 years and when I started and drove it just about every rubber piece had rotted and broke. so I proceeded to replace the halfshafts, seals in the tranny and front end components, all of the shocks and struts. rubber hoses in the engine bay and all brake components. the anti lock brake system did not work very well so the system was converted to a vacuum assist system per some of the instructions that have been provided on this board. As you can see I replaced the radio with an aftermarket JVC unit, but still have the factory unit. I also took apart the center console and removed the cassette holders and cleaned it up and flocked it. you can see in the pics that the car has the original tool kit and umbrella, I've also got the factory manuals for it as well. The car has been garage kept its whole life and the only problem with the car is a small oil leak which appears to be around the rear main seal, the insulation piece that goes on the underside of the hood and lastly the drivers side seatbelt plastic piece near the floor mount is cracked and broke but still there. I also have every piece of paperwork from the original sale with the car. The reason I purchased it was for me and my wife as we reach retirement years to have something to put the top down and go on some nice cruise evenings. Unfortunately as most will understand, life usually does not turn out that way, we're now full time caregivers for my mother in law and life changes for two of my adult kids took place and they have moved back home. Thus necessitating the need to sell some vehicles to have more room in garages and driveways. I'm not in a position to have to sell it, but just posting to see if there is any interest and what I could possible get for it. I live in the Kansas City, MO area, any thoughts?
  3. hello, I'm sorry they have been spoken for and have been shipped to another party.
  4. if anyone is willing to pay for shipping they can have these parts. if not they'll be discarded by this weekend.
  5. Hello everyone, I just recently purchased an 89 TC as some of you may have seen and have been going through it. the brake system seemed to have some problems with the brake pedal dropping when at a stop sign and I immediately just went in and converted it only to find just about all of the rubber brake lines in bad shape. but I did remove the complete original TC brake system and have all of the components including the computer. not sure if there is any value to these parts but wanted to offer them to anyone for sale if interested.
  6. Thanks AJ, I appreciated Marty's offer and am going through his catalogue as we speak as there are a few things I need. but as far as the rear calipers are concerned. I did find rebuild/boot kits for them and discovered how to get the piston apart. the drivers side had two spring washers internally that were broken that were not allowing the emergency brake to work properly. I've been lucky enough to find replacement pieces for less then a buck and rebuild them and have them back together. so if anyone wants to know how to rebuild rear brakes let me know, I;m somewhat of an expert now :).
  7. Thanks, these actually look and are flowing pretty well. I just need to find out how to remove the piston with the rear parking brake internal assemblies. most of these screw out. but I can't seem to find the key on the TC calipers to getting them apart.
  8. Thanks Marty. I'll keep this in mind. but I have been able to secure some rebuild kits for the calipers. they're not in bad shape, but just really needing some rebuilding. has anyone had these apart or can provide instructions on how to break them down? The manual is not very clear. Thanks in advance
  9. OK, I have the front end done and now starting on the rear brakes. the calipers are in terrible condition. Not having any luck finding any replacements. does anyone know if there are any from other cars that will cross? Thanks
  10. Didn't have to worry about the ABS ring with the new axles as I removed the ABS for the vacuum driven brake system. I was able to get the complete ABS wiring harness removed from the car. just completed the complete front end rebuild which included new axles, tranny seals, brakes, rotors, rebuilt calipers, brake lines and struts. now on to the rear of the car.
  11. Thanks everyone, have a couple of them ordered from NAPA. one of the originals looked rebuildable, but all had torn boots. gave me a good opportunity to replace the output shaft seals in the tranny anyway.
  12. Single overhead cam 8 valve engine. I found one today but the supplier indicated these are obsolete and will not be made any longer. the boots on my car are torn and with it sitting in an non environmental storage area looks to be dried up and rusted. so not sure how long it was driven like this before being put into storage.
  13. Anyone have any thoughts on where to buy axle shafts for an 89 TC? finding out this year is the odd year on these which are equal length units. I've searched everywhere with no luck.
  14. are you talking about the tail lights or the brake lights. if the brake lights, then as Hemi pointed out you don't have the brake pedal switch adjusted correctly. if the tail lights for the car, you have a much bigger wiring problem. currently working on my conversion now
  15. Thanks Hemi, not challenging, just optimistic to get all of the problems with this car corrected so I can get it on the road before it gets too cold to ride with the top down. I have my idea's how to do it but hate re-inventing the wheel if there is a better way. Thanks again,