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Rav 4---happy owner !!!!!

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Bought this finely engendered  car    !!!!!!!      2008         with 60000 miles      it was a lease from dealer    right out of the gate it started to burn oil         a lot of oil     quart in 1000miles         should have taken back to dealer      buy the time I got frustrated enough     they told me it was normal      4 Qt  crank case   recommend oil change every 5000 miles------------------------RIGHT---------------------  heard there was a recall   had it tested a few times was told it was within specks  $$^&@$&^*^$-------my time for the last recall was running out so tried again----------------BINGO----------they rebuilt motor,  pistons and rings and said I needed a water pump not covered and charged me $ 100.00 to put valve caps on-----OK-------a month ago, with 90000 miles, started to get rain water in the passenger floor         the dealer had no idea why      went on line   all kind of ideas     thought some one may benefit from what I found------if you take the windshield washers off then plastic cowl cover off      no screws just snaps       under, on the passenger side  vent tray   another piece of HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC --take it off and you will see why it is leaking--------the cheapest, sponge rubber seal Toyota could find      saved a few pennies ,,,  when I looked I could see it just lost it's life   got a piece of sponge rubber with  adhesive at pep boys and fixed the problem     there may be other reasons for leaking -------------------I wander, if the system goes another 50 years will my Rav be a high priced classic ?      and the cheep plastic parts bringing big bucks on E bay

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Looks like your dealer stuck it to you and you didn't do your home work.

I would have taken the car back and called the police or sheriff.

Or threatened to drive it through his window. 


I own 4 Toyotas.

2017 Tundra Limited  4 days old.

2016 Land Cruiser, Wife"s car. 

2008 Yaris hatch back, 145,000 hard miles and not ONE problem.

2000 Tundra, 245,000 miles, Runs as new. Looks great. Owes me nothing.


1997 Rav 4 (daughters car), bought new, 340,000 miles. Driven every day. Owes her nothing. No Problems at all. EVER.


I will not own a Ford.

Chevrolets are built to give the dealer"s service department something to do.

European cars are money pits.


If you want the low down on an automobile.... Talk to a good ole boy tow truck driver, in a big city, about Fords, Chevrolets, and Volvos.


Hope I didn't P)&$ you off but Ive been working on cars for my entire life and still do most of my preventative maintenance and oil changes.


Bill H

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My Daughter just GAVE me back her 2003 RAV 4 with 292,000 miles on it. I GAVE her husband my 2000 Tundra with 245,000 miles. Owes me nothing.

Replaced it with a 2017 Tundra Limited.

The sun roof leaks, on the RAV,  because the sun roof drain is plugged from pine straw but other than that the passenger power door lock won't work.

We bought the RAV, new, for her when she graduated from high school. Owes nobody anything. Its a Toyota.

I'm going to spruce the ole girl up and sell it.

What can I say.

Right now there are 4 Toyotas in the drive way.

Wanna talk about the other brands of vehicles?? 

Just saying.


Bill H

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On 5/31/2017 at 6:08 PM, broker-len said:

if the system goes another 50 years will my Rav be a high priced classic ?      


Sorry to hear of your car problems, Len.

You were right to stand up for your rights at the dealer's.


I wouldn't mind seeing some old Toyotas on 

a show field:  some Land Cruisers, a Cressida, etc.

There was a 1990 Lexus at one national meet a 

year or two ago, and it was in perfect condition.


I look forward to seeing what's on the show fields

several decades from now.  Maybe a car like my

superb and reliable 1999 Toyota Avalon. 

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