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A Good Newsletter Boosts Membership

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     A recent experience of mine shows how some people
value a good newsletter in a car club:
     I was talking to one of our AACA region members.  Being 
a Chrysler product fan, he also belongs to a marque club for 
those vehicles.  He told me that that club's long-serving
editor recently gave up the position, and that the club
hadn't found a replacement.  They even skipped mailing
at least one of the issues.
     "I guess I won't be renewing my membership,"
he said to me.  "If I don't get a newsletter, what's the
point of belonging?"
     That comment really struck home to me.  I saw more
than before that people count on a good newsletter!
I assured him that that club would probably find a replacement.
But for all our AACA region members that we don't often see,
elderly or busy with family life, the newsletter may be one thing
that keeps them in the region.
     Doesn't that importance inspire us all to excel for our next issue?
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I've been helping with our Chapter newsletter since I joined this year and we have a few members that we print and mail the newsletter too.  i know I enjoy receiving it along with the AACA Newsletter.  I have fun working on it and writing articles on the shows I've been to and did an article about some powder coating I did to my custom 454SS.  Makes for good conversation the next I see someone who read the newsletter too :)

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And the very same things can be said about a club's publication.  Take the Buick Bugle as a perfect example - we have two of the best in the old automobiles hobby putting the Bugle together each and every month.  Pete Phillips and Cindy Livingston each do a world class job with the Bugle.  All of you folks out there who are BCA members already know this, but, it never hurts to tell them that from time to time.  In this case I did just that.


Terry Wiegand

Out Doo Dah Way

Buick Club of America Board of Directors Member

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Indeed, a good newsletter makes a great club.  Have been beating that drum since I conducted my first newsletter seminar in Philadelphia many years ago.  Whether it's web or snail-mail, members are always anxious to see their photos, learn about the activities, see what they missed, and see their names in print.  I've always said that folks read it three times - first is a quick scan to see if they are in there.  Second time is a look at the words to see what is said about them (of if they got forgotten about) and the third time is a more detailed look at what others are doing and what the next events might be.  You've got to excite them about belonging, and they will share with others and certainly help attract members.  We have newsletters available to hand out at our various events and it does attract members.  Over the years we've had a lot members who worked odd shifts, were periodically deployed with Navy assignments, or could not do much except enjoy their newsletters.  Sometimes (years later even) when time and schedule permits, they swing into action and have even taken on leadership roles in the club.  The newsletter is obviously a great retention tool.  John, you are right-on and sorry it took me so long to respond.


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