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Stripped lugs


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I have one hub that has 3 of the 5 wheel studs stripped. These are left hand thread.

My thinking is to retread the studs with a tap and die set and buy new lugs.

How much under size should I go? Should I rethread to right hand thread?

Heading to Fastenal tomorrow to look at options. My tap and die set only goes up to about 3/8".

If I don't sell this car I will eventually pull the hub, work on the brakes and replace the studs.

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Guest DodgeKCL

Whoa. Slow down. Wheel bolts/nuts are cut with an interference thread. That means that they are just short of cross threading. This was done to help hold the nuts/bolts on without the use of lock washers. Today the rim is slightly short of sitting flat against the brake drum/hub. When you put on the nut and tighten it down,the rim is pushed down to the brake drum/hub doing the work of a lock washer. It pushes back against the nut "locking" the nut in place. But you can't,to my knowledge,rethread any wheel nut or bolt using a "normal" tap or die. I found this out many years ago when I rethreaded a set of 5 bolts for a '33 Plymouth and they were "loose" even though tight to the brake drum. Conversations with some car guys cleared up the matter. The brake drum had an interference thread and I was trying to put in an American Standard thread. Won't work.

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