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  1. New guy guestion. I bought a1949 Dodge puchup. Just saw a 1949 Plymouth for sale really cheap. Would any parts fit the Didge truck?
  2. I bought the heaviest weight oil I could find and within days had a puddle of oil under my car. My mechanic said to use grease. I did this and it has worked well.
  3. I recently built door-stop straps for my 1926 DB Coupe. Unfortunately I posted the pictures under a thread with a title that, if someone was looking for pictures of door straps, they'd not find my pictures. So I'm reposting here with under the title of Door-stop straps.
  4. Saturday morning in the shop. The hinges I ordered from Myers, $70, cha-ching. Car restoration ain’t cheap. I had to make one of the brackets out of al old license plate. The straps I made from a leather belt. Took a few hours but keeps the doors from opening too far and stressing the hinges.
  5. She is home again! It would not start when I got there. He wanted to do the ‘paperwork’ first so I said ok. He was prolly worried I’d back out. No way! I checked the oil and water first, then turned ignition on. I had converted to 12v and added a 12v fuel pump bypassing the vacuum tank fuel ‘pump’. When I turned on the ignition the fuel pump was not working. So I went to Oriellys and bought a fuel pump. Cha-chin! Only owned it 12 minutes and already spent $70 on her. LOL. I swapped it out and she fired up. Then died. Repeated a few times. Gas smells like turpentine so will be dumping the gas. After several attempts the battery was going dead. So we jumped it off but she kept dieing. After about 8 times of getting it running and dying I looked back and saw the seller was disconnecting the jumper cables right after it started. I told him the car does not have an alternator and the generator is disconnected (as part of my 12v conversion). I told him to leave the jumper cables on for a while. It started and ran fine! After a few minutes I disconnected the jumpers and was able to drive it on to my trailer. I was very proud of myself! I still don’t know much about mechanicing but I know this car! I know al, the flaws in my restoration and I know what improvements I can make. My biggest challenge will be to take my time and do a little at a time. I am resisting calling Myers and ordering a dozen things I know she needs. He had Myers rebuild the carb and the starter. Wasted money imo. I had rebuilt that carb. It leaked a little but I think that was because of the electric fuel pump pushing too much fuel. This time I got a pump that only puts out 2.5 to 3 psi. That should help. There was nothing wrong with the starter except so one has fashioned a tin can for the back plate. Looked amature but it worked fine. I kinda like the ‘fix it myself’ work ethic of that era. The plate was $200 and could not justify buying one. Evidently he did so I have a freshly painted ‘new’ starter. Anxious to resume the restoration.
  6. My wife has horses. That is her hobby and cost a lot of money....whether she is riding them or not. At least with a car, it doesn't have to be fed every day and is happy just to sit in my shop. We decided long ago that we are different people and have different interests and that is ok.
  7. She’s beautiful. You missed the whole point of this thread. :-) Don’t do it, you will regret it! Someone here told me to park it and forget about it for a while. Who was it that told me that? It was good advise and I ignored it. Picking my car up tomorrow now and am so looking forward to getting her back.
  8. I did. I sold them both. I don't miss the second one I bought. I love the wooden spoke on the one I'm buying back. The other one had steel rims. I also did a lot more work on the one I'm getting back....and she was my first love. :-)
  9. So about a year ago I sold my 1926 DB Coupe....and have regretted it ever since. Someone here had advised just parking it and leave it by for a while. Good advice that I did not take. Was cleaning out my vm and came across the message from the guy who bought it. On a whim I called him. I asked him if he was still enjoying the car. He said his health was failing and he has not driven it much and, coincidently was considering selling it. Bottom line one is I sold it to him for $7500, he had the carb and starter rebuilt and put new battery in and agreed to sell to sell back to me for $7000. It is not running. But I’m not concerned. I pick it up Friday! Very excited. I put my heart and soul into that car and nearly cried when she left...ok I will admit, I actually did get watery eyed....even if you thought think I’m a pus. I spend 2 years working on that car and it meant a lot to me. Anyway, pick it up Friday and am so excited!
  10. I'm selling one of my two 1926 DB Coupes. http://www.ebay.com/itm/222383294809?forcerRptr=true&item=222383294809&viewitem= Ive got $14k in this car.....reserve is set to only $7,999. If one of you guys buy it I'll through in some misc parts.
  11. Thanks all. I passed on this thread to my sister who did all the computer work.
  12. No, I've not sold them. I dropped the price of the green on.....but there doesn't seem to be much of a market for these. Doesn't matter, I will just keep them and give them to my grandkids. I don't have a pattern or template to make the roof from.
  13. Here is my roof. http://forums.aaca.org/topic/258240-new-roof-for-26-db-coupe/page-2 I don't have a pattern...I used the old wood as my pattern...guessing where it was too rotten to even use as a pattern. If Bill might have a pattern.
  14. I probably committed an OSHA felony but I think as long as I stay under 80 mph I will be ok.... This was my $12 fix. I now have 2 9/16 LH lugs and 3 1/2" RH lugs. I found some better lugs on line but gonna take 2 weeks to get them.
  15. I have one hub that has 3 of the 5 wheel studs stripped. These are left hand thread. My thinking is to retread the studs with a tap and die set and buy new lugs. How much under size should I go? Should I rethread to right hand thread? Heading to Fastenal tomorrow to look at options. My tap and die set only goes up to about 3/8". If I don't sell this car I will eventually pull the hub, work on the brakes and replace the studs.
  16. My son, my wife and I had a ball making this! My sister made it all happen with the video compilation. These are both my 1926 Dodge Brothers Coupes. One time my wife Casey referred to my DB cars as Doobie Brothers cars. It inspired this 'commercial' with the two DB's racing. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=msFyCeZJu08&feature=share Mike
  17. My son, my wife and I had a ball making this! My sister made it all happen with the video compilation. These are both my 1926 Dodge Brothers Coupes. One time my wife Casey referred to my DB cars as Doobie Brothers cars. It inspired this 'commercial' with the two DB's racing. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=msFyCeZJu08&feature=share
  18. What should the head bolts be torqued to on a 27 DB Coupe? I don't have torque values in either of my 2 books.
  19. Yes, those are both mine. I decided I can't keep both and need to sell one of them. I couldn't decide which one to keep so figured I'd list both and see which one sells. I love the wooden spokes on the blue one....but the green one has brand new rubber and pc rims to the tune of about $1,400. The rubber on the blue one is not that great. They hold air ok but are old and starting to crack/dry rot. The steel wheel was an optional upgrade. I was told if you lived in the city with paved roads you could go with the cheaper wood spokes but if you were gonna be driving out on rutted country roads, you might go with the steel wheels. Both engines have been rebuilt to the tune of $4,000. I think I have more sentimental attachment to the blue one since it was my first vintage car. But I put a lot of work and craftsmanship into rebuilding the roof on the green one. Both cars still have misc things that need doing. I can give a complete rundown on everything that has been done and what needs to be done. Both cars run and drive great. So help me out.....I got a call from guy wanting to list my car in various magazines and such around the country......for $300!! Ouch. My thinking is try CL for a couple of months....I'm in no hurry to sell.
  20. Or do like I did, put the tube in your mouth and blow and see if the needle moves.
  21. The transmission makes a godaweful noise! I'm am $14k into this car. It is probably worth $9k if that. Not sure I want to have the transmission rebuilt......think I may sell it. It still needs new kingpins, stripped and painted, rewiring, headliner, door panels, rear bumper stripped and pc.....and a few other things such as brakes cleaned and adjusted. Anyone need a project? This money pit can be yours for $11k. I may list on CL for $12....and hope to get $10.
  22. I don't think the exhaust manifold was painted. So it was probably me that bent the oil pump shaft. I was gonna drop the pan and clean out the sludge. Hot it half off and decided I couldn't get to the bolts under the bell housing so gave up and put it back together. My guess is the oil pump shaft moved in the process. The engine runs great! Starts up easy and sounds good. But the transmission sounds rough. Clutch needs work too. But she lives again? Been probably 10 years since it ran. The carb leaks and the radiator leaks....there is major slop around the kingpin.....brakes need adjusting....2 lugs on one wheel are stripped......so much more yet to do with this car.
  23. Bill came to $3900. That includes pistons, rings, some new valves, head bolts, oil pump shaft, gaskets, springs, etc. Not sure how the oil pump shaft got bent. Got a used one from Meyers. Need new dist cap.....you can see arcing if the video loads. More than I was hoping for but I trust this guy and know he spent a lot of time on it. trim.B18F47CA-FB1E-45E1-A407-9D7F46229152.MOV
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