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1949 Command Car?

Lawrence Helfand

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Could be a '49--the '49 Specials look like the 1947-48 models. However, they made a lot more than 800 1949 model 41s (Special 4-dr. sedans) in 1949, so that much of the guy's statement is false. And, if Buick sold 600 of them to overseas military outfits, what war was going on in 1949? I agree, most of this guy's description is bogus, but the car does look like a '49 Special.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

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I know nothing about these cars compared to Pete....but the statement about it being stretched does not match the stock appearance.   If the government wanted more leg room the 129 in wb Roadmaster would have supplied that cheaper than the cost of modifying a Special.

The number the seller give may be an attempt to say the government purchased  800 with 600 going out of the country.  As noted by Pete, Buick books show 13,326 built in 1948 and 5.777 in 1949


It appear that the buying public did not want a 1949 model 41 when the model 49 (Super) had been restyled.....Buick sold 131,514 of the '49 Super 4 drs compared to the 5,777 of the model 41.

The documentation would be interesting to see.....it just might be a different person telling a unbelievable story.

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