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My wife and I drove our 1947 Continental from Southern California to the Eastern National LCOC meet at Mt. Snow, Vermont in 1970.

Unfortunately, it was not well received at that meet because it was running a 1957 Lincoln engine and a 1950's GM 4-speed automatic transmission, but it made the trip with no "show-stopper" problems!

We then drove it to the Western National meet in Yosemite National Park in California and was the only car to be entered in BOTH national meets in 1970!

It was my daily driver for several years including regular business trips between Los Angeles and Phoenix, Arizona before relocating to Texas in 1992.

We attempted to enter the 50th anniversary of the 1947 model year meet in Houston in 1997, but were denied entry for being 10 minutes late due to a severe Texas rainstorm!

The car has been in "dead storage" in my barn for 10+ years, but may be resurrected if somebody buys our 1941 Continental Cabriolet!

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I can understand why the car was not well received, the Club's purpose is to preserve and restore the cars. Quote "The Lincoln and Continental Owners Club is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of all Lincolns, Lincoln Continentals, and Continentals."


Modified cars are not restored cars.


I also understand why you went to a later engine and transmission. It was what you wanted in your car and it would make it easier to drive long distances.

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I bought the '47 Continental in 1965 for $100. It had already donated its interior and had served as a parts car.

My wife never learned to drive a stick shift car, that's why I installed the automatic transmission.

At least I used a LINCOLN V8 engine while most modified Continentals were using Cadillac engines!

The car has a '57 Lincoln vacuum actuated starter switch.

When the ignition switch is turned on and the shift lever is in neutral, the engine starts and the vacuum de-activates the starter.

(This option REALLY faked-out many observers).

The stock starter button is a theft deterrent - pushing it blows the 3-tone horn!

I converted the hydraulic windows to electric and installed a Bendix Hydro-vac power brake booster.

The car also has power steering.

Remember, this car was my daily driver for many years and had absolutely no problem keeping up with traffic!

(We're TOTALLY spoiled now - our daily drivers are 2 '97 Cartier Town Cars and an '05 F-350. If you live in Texas, You GOTTA have a truck!)


BTW - I HAVE checked out the "Official LZOC Facebook site" It's awesome!







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Jeff, all those photos and memories are a real treat!! Thanks for sharing, I have to get up at 4:45 AM for work tomorrow, but could not stop looking all your facebook photos and stories.

Phil, have you ever checked out the antique car section of RacingJunk.com?  Good for trailers,...etc. but 3 of the 9 Lincolns listed are V-12 cars, and if they are getting their asking prices listed there, you might be happy with a similar price for yours!  A pretty '40 coupe and '40 Cont Cabr.  So many great cars for sale, but little space & money!

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The '47 Continental will be resurrected and driven as soon as somebody buys the '41 Continental. 

The '41 is the car I have wanted ever since I can remember and this one exactly fills the bill!

I can trace it's ownership back to 1970 and I have owned it now for enough time to be ready to part with it.

It's too nice an original car to be in almost any use here in Texas.  I can't take it with me and I don't want to be buried in it!

Many of the the drivers here are in Texas have a "ME FIRST" attitude and traffic can get really scary.


The '47 has enough power to keep up with traffic and it's no longer much of a "collectible" because of my modifications.



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