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rear axle leak and change


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I have never tackled something like this so am looking for some input/help.

!932 chevrolet - the right rear axle is leaking oil.  I pulled drum and see eight bolts holding a flanged cover.  The key looks like it needs to be removed. then I saw a gasket - makes sense.  The axle seemed to want to pull out -

How do I remove this to see if the seal is leaking? can someone send fairly simple guidance or step-by-step instructions?  I could have a local guy 9restorer) do this but I want to do more myself.  Nothing ventured/nothing gained.



A little history:  We just completed the Founders tour in this car.  After the end of the week - and the car performed great, I loaded it on the trailer, tied it down.  After getting home the right rear tire was flat and I saw the leaking oil.  Since it was probably that way on the five hour ride home, would that have somehow drained towards the wheel?  


Thank you in advance.



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If I were you I would buy a copy of the "1932 Chevrolet Car and Truck Shop Manual" as found on Ebay.  


If you don't already have one, you can find it on Ebay at:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/CHEVROLET-Car-Truck-1932-Shop-Manual-Chevy-/290463212864?hash=item43a0f4e540&vxp=mtr


I have the 1933 version of this manual for my 1933 Chevrolet Master and I must say it should explain exactly how to accomplish this task on your 1932, and you can't beat the cost of $19.59 plus free shipping.  This thing is packed with a lot of good information on repairing your car.


My 1933 Chevrolet Master is different in that the rear drums are riveted to the axles so I need to pull the axles even to service the rear brakes and the 1933 version of this manual explains exactly how to do this.  


I looked at my 1929 - 1934 Chevrolet part manual and all the parts are different, so I believe the way this is done on my car are is going to be different then on yours. 

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I have a1932 chevy. Pull the seal by taking the 8 bolts around the axle shaft , pull the seal off . you can buy a modern seal from The Filling Station . There a great place to find parts and info for your 32 . Howard

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