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WTB 1932 Chevrolet hand crank

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I have one for my '31 Chevy, it's just a rod,maybe half inch diameter (guess), two bends to make the crank handle, about two feet long to extend from bumper to and through crank hole (my car had a bracket on bumper, for leverage, and imagine the hole through the bracket about the same shape as Chevrolet emblem, to allow rod and pin through), with a pin through end of rod to engage fitting on front of engine.

It's a very awkward set up, and doubt that these sixes were cranked by hand very often.

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Here are two pictures of the crank.  It's made of 5/8 inch solid rod.  On the end where the pin is installed, the rod is drilled out about 3/4 inch.


The long part of the rod is 26 inches, then it 90 degrees for 8 inches, then 90 degrees again (handle) for 5 inches.  Measurements from end to outside of curve, or outside curve to outside curve, if that makes sense.



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