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  1. Can anyone identify year and car this belongs to?
  2. I have both left and right NOS Front fenders for a 1940 Dodge and a NOS left rear fender for coupe or convertible with the gas opening. Front fenders are $ 450 each plus shipping. Rear fender is $350 plus shipping. Located in Colorado, call 970-310-6006.
  3. Looking to replace a split rear bumper with a full width bumper on my 1932 5wd coupe. 970-310-6006
  4. Looking for a rear bumper, decent shape or re chromed!
  5. The engine rebuild was done by a guy in Longmont, Colorado who unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago. He did an amazing job and this engine fires up on the first revolution!
  6. I'll have to take a front view for you later today. Hope this helps! Steering is tight, no play, wheels very good, no wobbles going down the road doing 50+ mph. This car was stored for many years after a connecting rod on the sleeve valve broke. That is why the engine was totally rebuilt about 10 years ago.
  7. Nice original car with 25,322 miles, sleeve valve 6 cylinder was rebuilt about 8 years ago, engine cost over $7500 to rebuild. 3 speed transmission rear wheel drive. Radiator has been cleaned and runs cool. Believed to have original paint on body, top vinyl and headliner replaced, interior is brown fabric and in fair condition. Body frame wood is solid and doors open and shut soundly. Wood wheels are solid and has new Michelin tires. It is a very unique car! The same year and model was used as Elliot Ness's car in the "Untouchables" TV series! Have had fun with it but down sizing with my age! Located in Colorado! Asking $13,500 or make an offer! Call 970-310-6006
  8. Still haven't sold this car, if interested please call 970-310-6006. Make me an offer! OFFER PENDING!
  9. These fenders were left over from a restoration, sold the car 10 years ago and have been stored in the loft, both L & R in original primer. Too large to ship, local pick up only. Price is $400 each located 50 miles north of Denver, Colorado. Also have a left rear NOS for a coupe. friehm@juno.com or call 970-310-6006
  10. When I had a restoration shop in the 80's, I was quite successful welding pot metal with a special rod and a gas torch. The Muggyweld website looks like it may work as well. It is a touchy heat temperature where you can weld before it puddles and melts. I have no idea what the rod was and if it is available today. Good luck!
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