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  1. Edsel had two different clock faces in 1958. This clock is for the Ranger/Pacer models. The other had a gold colored face. It was intended for the Corsair/Citation models.
  2. My mistake. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Did Mercury offer the subject clock for the Comet in those years? If so, I would very much appreciate a photo. I know Ford offered one in the Falcon for 1963. TIA, Kevin
  4. I have the subject clock listed on E-Bay. The item number is:254314442824
  5. I have the subject clock listed on E-Bay. The item number is 264413724683
  6. I have the subject clock currently listed on E-Bay. The item number is 264413722590
  7. I have the subject clock listed on E-Bay. Item number 264413729600
  8. For sale on E-Bay Item # 254211406633. Nice condition, Reasonably priced,
  9. For Sale on E-Bay, Item # 264298418429, Good quality, reasonably priced.
  10. Relisted on E-Bay 01/23/19. Item Number 264159337259
  11. I was informed by a vender at Hershey that this 1934/1935 Chrysler Airflow, dealer installed option. Can't find any info/photos to confirm it.
  12. Hey Studerex, If you find your 41 clocks, perhaps we can do a win-win transaction. I repair car clock as a hobby. Found this one at Hershey. It took a lot of work to resuscitate. Thanks, Kevin
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