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  1. It makes ya wonder what ever happened to all of these models. Wouldn’t that be a great X-Mas present!
  2. What do you have for a 1931 Cadillac? wayne yachtflame@yahoo.com
  3. Would you have the grill from a ‘46 Chevy pick up?
  4. What ignition parts do you have? wayne yachtflame@yahoo.com
  5. Do you want to sell all or are you selling individual rotors? wayne yachtflame@yahoo.com
  6. Do you have a water pump for a 1930 Cadillac? How about a Stewart Warner Vacuum fuel pump?
  7. I do. I can email photos if you send my you email address.
  8. So you’re gonna make her wait until the next one is done! I’m just wondering where you plan on sleeping and eating the next few months.......
  9. Ed, Really, thanks for the virtual ride these past couple of months. I’ve known you a while but didn’t know you were such a great story teller. You should’ve been a charter boat Captain! I’m looking forward to a real ride in the Great White in the future. Plus I’m waiting to see how you portray the next mystery vehicle. Also, I’m waiting to hear how you placated Peggy...did she ever end up with that Mercedes you were supposed to get her? 🙄
  10. Hello all, I am making some interior door handles and window cranks for a 1928 Studebaker President. I’m used to GMs of that era but it seems that Studebaker used a different source for their window and door handle mechanisms. If any one has an old unused window or door mechanism, please let me know. I need the splined shaft in order to cast theses handles in bronze. I’m not sure if other year or models of Studebakers would use the same splined shaft but I’m hoping they might. Thanks for any help! Wayne Elsworth yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-658-4416
  11. Leave it to Johnnie to make a concourse oil filter!
  12. Ed, Those are real nice! I use original canisters with the spin on adapter inside but with no bottom. That way you don’t have to remove the unit and scratch the paint when changing the filter. And mine are only $425. Wayne
  13. Naaa, after the accident, her Neuro Surgeon told her the brain uses massive amounts of sugar to heal. So now there’s more sugar in the house then in Hershey!
  14. There is a difference between the 120 and 140. Yes, I do restore them with new tube and spring plus recharge. Wayne yachtflame@yahoo.com 413-658-4416
  15. Hey, someone has to keep you honest. You have us all waiting in anticipation of seeing the White running down the road and you with a HUGE grin on your face. I hope it’s actually as much fun as it sounds!
  16. Yeah, bad WiFi at my house. Tried hitting the submit button but nothing happened..at least on my phone. Once I looked I found that it posted 4 times. Can’t figure out how to delete the other three. But they show as much as Ed’s video! 😆
  17. This one is a true triple, not a walk through. Has original power, a Chrysler 8 Imperial but have re-powered with a 454. Am working on replacing frames, chines and keel before doing the covering. I have a 1931 LaSalle ccp to tow it with once done. Then start on the 1931 Dart 22.5 triple. A boy needs a project. And yes Ed, you and Peg will be riding in it up at Lake George once done...That is if we can ever get you out of Florida! And of course, I’ll need a ride in the White
  18. I already have one of those. This is my 1930 28’ Garwood. Replacing the bottom and sides.
  19. So, my wife unit made a good point... You got a great “dream job”, moved her from her home, friends and comforts and moved to hot & steamy Florida. If all she’s asking for is a new car, “What’s the problem?” Maybe find her a sailboat too!!
  20. Awww, that’s just mean. Now you’ve gone and hurt my feelings. Gonna have Barbara plant poison ivy all around your house!
  21. If you think the DMV is bad, try playing with the SS department! Somewhere in the mid-late ‘70’s, a “helpful” employee there decided to add a second L to my last name. My family spells it Elsworth with only 1 L (we didn’t get our Ls worth!). So now here I am at retirement age and find I have no SS account!! After months of trying to get it straightened out, they’ve decided it’s best for me to legally change my name and add the second L. That’s the best they can do. My granddad is turning!
  22. I’ve always been a fan of “self healing machinery” but this is even better!
  23. I’m looking for non working temp/oil gauges to buy. If you have an old 120 broken temp gauge that you could spare, please contact Wayne at yachtflame@yahoo.com. Or call 413-658-4416
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