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Build sheet from Ford Research Center

Keith L.

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Attached is a copy of my build sheet for my ’41 three-window coupe mentioned in an earlier post. It’s the build card that traveled down the assembly line in 1941.  Date the car was finished, where it was shipped,  body color, interior material, key numbers , overdrive, etc. Any extra oprions.


This is what they give you.


At the time I went to Greenfield Village in 2008 I took along my Zephyr number and I went next door to the Research Center. Gave them my number (H124060) and within five minutes I was holding the original card. 


If you own a Lincoln and have not taken advantage of the archives at the Benson research Center, I recommend you do so.  At the time I did mine it was $21.20 total. 

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WOW, that is sooooo cool!

I will be doing that for my '37, hopefully they will shed some light on my car's history. For under $25? Id be happy to pay twice that! Thank you for sharing that information.

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Nice, Keith. Wish I had that Columbia box checked on mine. Sure don't need the heater. I didn't need either to win a Gregory at the last GOF West. I think the judges were treating me to some beginners luck, especially since I had the rear bumper mounted upside down!

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Don't know. Anybody know?


I just checked Google Maps and they list five Somervilles: MA, NJ, TX, TN, and AL


I have a oil change sticker on the door jam from Santa Monica, CA from the 60's.  Before that, who knows.

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