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3D scanning and printing of parts.

benjamin j

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I have a 3D scanner and printer I can use at work. The scanner looks like a turntable and you set a part on it turn it on and it rotates. It makes a 3D file that can be sent to the printer. If we had some way of working together we could copy a part that we have and send it to another member of the forum. There are a couple of parts that I need that I could use the plastic replica to make a casting for and I know there are members who have that part on their car. So if you were missing a trunk hinge for an extremely rare car and I had that car I could easily make a copy for you. Would this be something you think we could do as members of a forum like this one?

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Yes, I would be interested.  I'm looking at doing the same thing as I have a set of cast iron ends to a muffler and I need more copies.  I hesitate to send the originals to Cattail for duplication so scanning and sending the print would be a good option.  Price is always an issue.  I also hesitate to ship the parts anywhere as I've never seen another set.

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