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Vendors often want a cashiers check or postal money order so they can ship immediately.  Having packaged parts setting around for days or weeks waiting for a check to clear is a problem.  I almost always ask for a postal money order (unless I know the buyer) as they are seldom faked as the postal service has it's own investigators and they act quickly as this is their only job.  If you call the sheriff or police they take a report and then nothing happens.  Creating fake postal money orders is taken seriously by postal investigators.  In thirty five years restoring cars only once did a vendor cheat me.  I think that is a very good record for our hobby.   

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Great points and good rebuttal to this present day near frenzy regarding the so called endowed importance of "other" pay friend  type systems. U.S. Postal Money Order Safe as Safe can be.   I would however be very nervous if one day my  U.S. Postal Money Orders which are backed by the good faith of the U.S. Government, should  some how become non payable/cashable.  Of course if this should ever happen, the original poster should ask himself - What do you think the chances of these other alternative type "pay friend" bank backed/corporate backed pay systems are, of coming thru for you on that day if the U.S. Postal Money Order is no good anymore ?


I deal only in U.S. Postal Money Orders for all of my transactions, safer and the fees to do so are way less than paying for the "other" pay type systems out there.  Just my 2 cents worth - pardon the pun of course.

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