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Chrysler Neon Clock 1948

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This clock was included in a bunch of parts that I purchase. It was disassemble and wrapped in some rags. I tested the gas tube transformer and it had an output of approx. 1425 V A/C.

Also tested the clock and the second moves quiet smoothly. The neon tube or bulbs are missing. The date on the clock is 10-1947. It will come disassemble and the original screws and the knob to adjust the clock are also missing.

Accepting any reasonable offers, plus shipping. Thank You all for looking. Wally












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I wonder how many other people will notice the H is missing. I didn't spot it at first. I think it's because your mind fills in what your eyes don't see. Kind of like when you look at a pretty good car quickly. You don't see the little stuff until you scrutinize it. Your mind glosses everything over until you become objective. My cord has a pretty big dent in the hood, but with the angle it doesn't pop out until you look just right. I've had more than one person stop in the shop and say wow that's beautiful. When I say it will be someday, they ask what's wrong and I point things out Oh they say didn't see that.

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