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chassis numbers

Phillip Robinson

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The chassis no is S9399 and the engine number is R315222. Just wanting to know if the year matches and any other information. This car is also the 4 door soft top tourer being a Phaeton. It should be a 1929 chevrolet, and is a 6 cylinder with timber spoke wheels and 4 wheel brakes. I want to thank others who replied to my other query. Phil

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Hi Phillip,

I'm busy restoring a 29 tourer for my boss, I wonder if your car has it's original wood frame?

If so, please can I ask you for some pictures of the front seat riser and lower part of the back of the front seat and also the floor just behind the front seat. Also the bracket that the top rest onto when folded. If pictures could be taken with a tape measure across the items it would be a great help, many thanks

Regards Viv.

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Sorry about not getting back sooner. Having a few problems with the brakes and with car on stand hard to open doors. Anyway, the front seattimber is 96 mm high with the steel bracket on top being 135 mm. The 135 is the total height from the floor up. At the rear, of the front seat, the height is 70 mm, with the steel bracket being 90 mm. I will try and take a photo. Cannot take photo of back, as this is covered over. Phil

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