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Hi there fellow Model T'ers, :D

Firstly, a big big Thank You to everyone who has supported me, and also for your ongoing support.

I thought I'd share this picture... http://www.fordmodelt.net has been accumulating a large number of visitors over the 3 years it's been online so far (See picture at the bottom of this post)

If you haven't already done so, I'd like to welcome any new members to the Enthusiasts Group on Facebook, please consider joining, it's a great way to keep in touch with fellow enthusiasts - All are welcome...


Also, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, that way you'll be notified when new videos are available...



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Ahh, What's the difference. Lots of folks with other cars have a T or two put away in the back corner. Maybe this will get them thinking about getting them out and driving again. A lot of them just sit because of the rigors of Modern Traffic. Dandy Dave!

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Just Google, "Brass Model T Ford" Wayne. There are loads of them all over the world. Expect to pay better than $10,000 for a good one. Only trouble is all the Chevy's in your stable will be pissed. ;) You will have loads of fun anyway. :cool: Yes, We are lucky to be in the USA when it come to availability of Tin Lizzy's and parts. Dandy Dave!

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Here is one on the HCCA web sight not far from you Wayne. You could get your feet wet. Dandy Dave!

<article>[h=1]1915 Ford Brass Model T With Rare Top[/h] </article>

1915 Ford Model T. Has very rare "ever ready" top with glass side windows that fold-up. Brass radiator and lights. Acquired 1961. Restored in 1983. Third owner. Number plate 659516. Have photos and some documents. Will answer questions. Richmond, Virginia. $16,000

Contact: Wayne T, Richmond Virginia, 804-354-6275

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