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A link to "The Edsel show"

Bill Stoneberg

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One of my favorite blogger has a link to an hour long show (commercial) about the Edsel.

This stars Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Rosemary Clooney and of course Ford's latest and best creation, the Edsel.

Wonder how much this cost to create and produce.

Look at http://first-draft.com/2015/02/08/sunday-morning-video-the-edsel-show/

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Edsel gets a bad rap. It wasn't a bad car. And the styling was no worse than other cars of the same years. Edsel was an idea to go head to head with the five GM marques. Edsel was simply introduced at the wrong time. Car sales across the board were down each year from Edsel's introduction. If Edsel had been introduced in 1950, when cars sales were increasing every year until 1957 .. Edsel might have a different story

Thanks for posting that. Most interesting. And entertaining !!

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Thanks for pointing out the Edsel program, Bill.

Notice how short the advertising breaks were,

in comparison with today's commercially interrupted

TV programming: In a 60-minute show designed to

advance the Edsel, I counted only 3 Edsel ads, each

approximately a minute and a half long. And that

was the extent of the advertising.

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