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Pinned to full - fuel


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Hi Guys and Gals? (You never know )

With all the snow and frigid temps. all I can do is wait and think about what needs to be done to my 69 Cutlass covered outside. Have diagnosed and prepared for all issues but this one: The fuel needle is pinned to beyond full always. Thinking its the ground or is it the sending unit itself? Thanks and can't wait for Spring.

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Be careful when repairing a bad ground. A simple fix on my '63 Galaxie many moons ago, was to run a ground wire from the flanged lip on the gas tank to anywhere on the underbody of the car. Just drill a hole and attach the terminal ends of the wire with a sheet metal screw. Worked great! Then, a month or two later, during a snow storm I got a flat tire. I went to the trunk to reach the spare tire and it wouldn't budge. Assuming it was frozen to the trunk floor, I used the jack handle to pry it loose. That's when I discovered that I had drilled and screwed the sidewall of the spare to the floor of the trunk.

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