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  1. Just purchased the Merc with 30K miles on it and it has been sitting for a year or so with little to no use. A few electrical gremlins ( battery, cam sensor, and others ) to correct some issues. What's got me crazy is that above 60 mph or so there develops a ' humming ' in the dash cluster area. Thought it might be speedo cable until I realized it's electric. Wondering if it's a vibration from something being loose in a panel somewhere. Car was never tampered with as it was owned by my 80+ yr. old neighbor who has since past. Any thoughts or similar experience ? Please let me know, jmcap
  2. Gary, As a fellow owner of an L-37, Other than the Headlights (mounted to the side cowl panels) there are no other lights on the front of either the F or L in the 37 model year. in 1937.htm
  3. Gentlemen, A relative recalls his fathers 62 GP having 3 Chrome bezeled gauges located dead center on the dash that as well were biased to the driver. We then started to 'Google' things to find that air conditioned models had the vents located there but could not find a '62 with said gauges. Further searches showed that the '63 in fact had the gauges in question. Is it possible that they were a mid year production change in preparation for 1963, or a an option offered in the '62 production year? Any info would be deeply appreciated, John C.
  4. Hi Guys, Helping my son get his old truck up to snuff. Just ordered a new heater wiring harness and resistor. It's a Deluxe model. Bench tested the motor it's fine. Under the dash is a nightmare. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the resistor mounts to an opening in the air box. Here in lies my confusion. There appears to be a rectangular patch over what I assume was an opening located pretty far up the box on the passenger side. As well there is another opening just to the left of the passenger's floor vent. It's a larger rectangle. Anyone have a picture to share of the resistor mounted as well as the ducts for the driver's floor side and defroster ?
  5. Gentlemen & Ladies, Looking for cross reference info as it relates to the rear window quarter panels for Buick to Oldsmobile. First... Is two door different than a Four Door? And Secondly........ Are Olds and Buick the same ? Thanks, jmcap
  6. Gentlemen & Ladies, Looking for cross reference info as it relates to the rear window quarter panels for Buick to Oldsmobile. First... Is two door different than a Four Door? And Secondly........ Are Olds and Buick the same ? Thanks, jmcap
  7. To all involved.... I would like to thank you for an enjoyable experience. I was there just for judging on Saturday but could see that all in attendance felt the same. Other than the bad weather early in the morning on my trip from NJ all went smoothly. Could not believe how quickly my cars were judged. A blessing in disguise for than I could relax and enjoy seeing all of the entries in detail. A suggestion however? Perhaps this Forum could be used as a preliminary early reporting medium for judging results. I could not stay for the Awards Banquet and am eager to find out how I placed.A great time was had by all in my party. Sincerely, John
  8. Looking for a functioning vacuum unit specific to the '32 Olds. If available please provide pics
  9. Paul, Thanks for the update. I've learned that in the 31, 32 years there were two designs for the lighter. One, that we all are aware of where, the female receiver well is within the dash. And another that was a flush mount unit whereby the female receiver is outside of the dash. Mine is a flush mount. Roy sent me these photos. He's asking $195. I know they're hard to come by, but I personally think it's a bit to rough too fetch that much.I'll see what happens
  10. Spoke today with Roy in Santa Barbara, Ca. Roy is 93 years young and has a family run business expressly for classic car accessories. He has emailed me pics of a few cigar lighters. I will call back for prices tomorrow. For those of you interested their site is
  11. This is the car in discussion.
  12. Thank You Paul, So it's a Cigar lighter!!! My chances of finding the parts are pretty slim but one never knows. Meanwhile, I have retained the hot wired Bezel and have replaced it ( rightly or wrongly) with a chromed dash directional light. At any point I can return it to " original ". p.s. Hope to see you in Reading, Pa.
  13. I''m hesitant to think so. There is no recess within the dashboard therefore the depth required would be outside of the dash. The enclosed pic found on- line shows its appearance. As well there is no ash tray that I know of.
  14. I'm trying to learn what is missing on my 1932 F Model Sedan. The dash pulls and switches are all intact except for the last location on the passenger side. A look under the dash shows that it is wired across the dash to the Light switch. I'm thinking it was some sort of Map Light?