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Raybestos Brake Wheel Cylinders or Cross Reference


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Hello Folks,

I need front brake wheel cylinders and the Raybestos part number is WC 37330. Raybestos claims the part is no longer available. Can someone help with a cross reference number to Wagner or Bendix? OR better yet if you have some Raybestos please let me know.



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Try Brake and Equipment warehouse in Minneapolis. They are Raybestos distributor.

[TABLE=width: 601]


[TD=class: xl64, width: 159]Brake & Equip Whse (Rob)[/TD]

[TD=class: xl65, width: 255]455 Harrison St NE, Mpls MN 55413-2408[/TD]

[TD=class: xl66, width: 187](612) 378-3141 #2=shop[/TD]



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Thanks for all the suggestions. Rock Auto showed some in inventory BUT when the order was to be shipped they discovered their stock was zero! Amazon also shows some but as of today none are available. I will try Brake and Equipment on Tuesday. I did find a casting number on a WAGNER cylinder of FD 4546. I might try the AACA Library for some old catalogs of Raybestos, Wagner, or Bendix. Possibly a cross reference. This brake cylinder is used on a 1941 FORD built Military Jeep. Forward March! Keep up the good work.


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