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  1. Gentlemen, Thank you for all the ideas. Looks like a very "light" weight oil is the simplest way to go. I was just concerned that oil might cause a problem with the clutch disc friction material. I have had some good experience with the AMSOIL product. But had not considered that for the flywheel.
  2. Engine is rebuilt and ready to install this winter. Flywheel is installed and resurfaced and ready for clutch disc and pressure plate. I have seen flywheels "flash rust" in a short time period. Any ideas to prevent this happening while waiting to complete the drive train. Is there a "coating" recommended that does not create a problem with the clutch disc surface? OR should I wrap the complete assembly in a big "baggie"! Thanks for your thoughts.
  3. Hello Ford Fans, Looking to buy the FORD L-4 engine as used in the 1940 and 1941 Ford trucks. This engine was also used in the early ( 1941) FORD built jeeps. Prefer a complete engine but can also use engine parts. Thanks very much, Brad
  4. Hello Folks, I've had some FORD lever shocks rebuilt by Bill Wzorek from Florence MA in the past. Met him at Hershey years ago. Nice job and they work great. BUT currently not having any success in contacting him to get more rebuilt?? IS he still in business?? THANKS for your help. Brad
  5. Gentlemen, Thanks for all the suggestions. Rock Auto showed some in inventory BUT when the order was to be shipped they discovered their stock was zero! Amazon also shows some but as of today none are available. I will try Brake and Equipment on Tuesday. I did find a casting number on a WAGNER cylinder of FD 4546. I might try the AACA Library for some old catalogs of Raybestos, Wagner, or Bendix. Possibly a cross reference. This brake cylinder is used on a 1941 FORD built Military Jeep. Forward March! Keep up the good work. BRAD
  6. JOE, Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately NAPA came up zilch/zero and said the part is no longer available. So I'm back looking for a cross number for some other manufacturer. BRAD
  7. Hello Folks, I need front brake wheel cylinders and the Raybestos part number is WC 37330. Raybestos claims the part is no longer available. Can someone help with a cross reference number to Wagner or Bendix? OR better yet if you have some Raybestos please let me know. THANKS, BRAD
  8. I can't seem to convince the nice people at Penn Dot that my 1946 Jeep did not have a top and the "TR" type on the title stands for "Touring" and NOT "Truck" or "Trailer". Now the notary wants me to take pictures of the vehicle to prove?? And the Penn Dot people claim there is NO open touring classification. So how did "TR" get on the title in the first place? Anyone else in PA run into this problem? Thanks for any and all advice. Regards, BRAD
  9. Gentlemen, Well here is the official word from HQ. They say Class 22C. BUT I plan on registering in Class 22B, as I believe someone misunderstood the year. I agree with the comments about a military class, BUT like any other class there are numerous and unusual characteristics. Thanks guys, BRAD
  10. Gentlemen, Thanks for the responses. I agree with Class 22b. BUT I have not yet received any official word from HQ. I'll let you the "Final Answer". It is a 4 cyl. engine by the way. Actually a slightly modified Ford 9N tractor engine. Regards, BRAD
  11. I would like to register for the Spring National at G-burg with my "jeep" It is a March, 1941 FORD built pre-production jeep. Ford called this model the "GP" But I am not sure what class to sign up for. Any suggestions? THANKS, BRAD
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