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1937 Mercedes A320: does anyone know what the barn finder paid for this (ugly) one off Mercedes?


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Well beauty is in the eye of the beholder, here's what it looks like


I think the fenders and headlight position look like a Abbot bodied Bentley I've seen, I wonder if the bodywork is German? Anyway I'd like to know when the barn finder found it, where and what he paid. I know "one of one" makes it valuable but then since it didn't lead to a production series, doesn't that make it worth less. And it's ugly. I know , beauty is...

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It is a Mercedes Benz 320 W142 SA


After WW-II it got a new factory body in Germany, a "Sunder Anfertigung" (special made) for Mr. Tan Tjoan Keng. By now a lot of history is found and a 1/43 scale model is made! The car still exists and is in Indonesia again.


As I am researching the history of this automobile,  any info on the early  history of this car is wellcomed by me!



SDC16444 (1).JPG

SDC16443 (1).JPG

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