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  1. Caught Gary Wales replica of the '38 Y-job rolling into the Benedict Castle concours March 31st in Riverside. Didn't have time to ask him if it is a modern drivetrain underneath. Anybody know if it is restomoddish in terms of engine, trans and suspension? It is amazing for a guy at least 75 that he has the energy to create so many cars (still working on LeBestioni variations).
  2. Here s some pictures. Looks like it had a folding metal hardtop unlike the two seater Tbird which had a folding cloth top and a removable hardtop
  3. I noticed Linc. is having opera doors again as an option, so I started looking for other great ideas they could revive and found this two seater concept car which looks a lot like the production two seater Thunderbird. :I was wondering if the car was sold when Ford had a sale of former dream cars, some of which looked photographable but didn't have working drive trains. Here's some publicity pablum The Lincoln Mark X (ten in Roman numerals) from the 2004 Detroit Motor Show is a true American Luxury cruiser with a power retractable glass hard top.The minimalist exterio
  4. I have one on order. but love to hear if you agree iwththe portrayal or feel they left anything out.? I think themore Ilook at Motorama cars the more of a genius I think he was. Here's the publisher's description Fins Harley Earl, the Rise of General Motors, and the Glory Days of Detroit by William Knoedelseder On Sale: 09/18/2018 $29.99 Spend $49 and get FREE shipping on HC.com Format: Hardcover E-book Digital Audiobook Unabridged Trade PB Quantity: ADD TO CART Amazon
  5. Are Design Renderings Fine Art? Well, this can of worms was opened when the respected Detroit Institute of Arts announced they will be doing a retrospective on car design in 2020. Included will be some real cars (not room for more than ten) and some design renderings, maybe as few as 35. Which will mean that design renderings originally one at automakers' behest, will be in an art museum. Which to me automatically makes them "fine art." I have a little battle going with a man who is in a society of automotive fine artists who says drawings made on the way to
  6. This article is reprinted with my permission, I'm the author. I haven't heard anything about any theories of how the car plumb disappeared. It's not easy to rebody it , what body would fit over it, maybe a '53 Corvette but that body would have been hard to get ocmplete in '53? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING 1953 CADILLAC LE MANS CONCEPT published
  7. Here's the pictures. On the one with the stars, the stars seem randomly applied, on a real military jacket wouldn't they be in a neat row? Also on the back of the jacket there is a painting of a black panther atop the flag and the big number "43" was that a military unit? The ad says it is hand painted. And it is in the women's department! Another jacket from RLR Ranch had that yellow patch shaped like a shield with a diagonal black line and horse head (7th Cavalry?) I'm just interested in opinions on the popularity of distressed-or-old looking brand new clothing
  8. I get a laugh out of Ralph Lauren's Double R ranch line of leather jackets, particuarly the ones that look like old flight jackets. Somehow they look worn a hell on the outside but have new looking liners and wrist elastic. They have old military unit patches here and there and one style has faded white stars, similar to the single star seen on cargo planes in the Korean war. Some ads say "Hamlin", is that a type of leather? Anyway these cost something like $990 to $1400! I think the market is young peole who haven't put in much hard labor but want a jacket that looks like it's been worn for d
  9. I am a historian. Certain cars stick in the back of my mind as I wonder what's happened to them. Among them is this Corvette. Several years ago I corresponded with someone who bought his '56 or '57 Corvette show car, double racing windscreens, white body , center blue stripe, stainless steel concave, but as I remember there was a dispute over who owned it. The first guy that bought it from GM let his son drive it and the kid smashed it bad. The second guy that bought it rebuilt the wreck and sent me tantalizing pictures of it somewhere restored but t wasn't showing it because there is still a
  10. Back again,same subject, only four years later...am writing a story on this still missing car--I fear it was sent back to Warren, MI and destroyed, But for the story I need a color glossy picture (like a press release) front 3/4 and rear 3/4. I like the car in both blue and its later red. Hard to find is the red one when it had the top up. On this same forum, the moderator reported he once heard from a man who said he owned it but there was no follow-up so without a name or State it's hard to get on such a cold trail. Anybody who sends me a high res. image I can use (maybe a shot you took you
  11. One of six two seaters commissioned by Harley Earl. First shown in Oklahoma at oil exposition in Tulsa then shipped to Moore-Greenlease Cadillac in Oklahoma City. Seems like a two seater Cad would stand out if stolen but it was never recovered. Does anybody else think this had something to do with the kidnapping of the son of one of the owners of the dealership or did I see one too many film noir movies back then?
  12. I SAW A PICTURE IN AN OLD Porsche 356 registry of Ferry Porsche delivering a four seater two door coupe to South Bend IN automaker Studebaker in '52. I think the black car was a stretch 356 maybe called the 530. Then another prototype was made, maybe called 540--that didn't look at all like a Porsche. That may have been front-engine. I think that second one came with Porsche's choice of air or watercooled engines. Did either of these prototypes survive Studebaker's demise? Was Raymond Loewy involved? Thanks for any opinions,
  13. I remember seeing pictures of the XP-700, a silver Corvette that Bill Mitchell had built on his own at first (painted red), when he was Harley Ear's protégé and then ol' Harley designated it a GM show car and it got a classic silver paint job, a bit more chrome and the double bubble roof. . Now I had been told by two people including Bill Mitchell that it was the basis for the Corvette Shark (later re-christened the Mako Shark I) show car but now I have seen a picture of the two cars side by side so that couldn't be true unless in the picture showing both cars one was a completely detailed cla
  14. I was hoping when I heard about these that they would resemble the 356 (som4etimes described as the bathtub car) but no, they look preferectly ordinary, something like a VW sedan made decades later. There was one with an air cooled engine and one with a water cooled engine. Never read how much Porsche was paid for the prototypes or which side of the pond the design was done. Love to hear any rumors of if either survived, maybe one is in a Studebaker museum?
  15. I thought I had every 356 model pictured but when I came across the Porsche 530, a very ugly pugnacious looking 356 picture, I was thrown aback; like how could they conceive of something so ugly (actually it looks like a certain Saab) but I wanted to know if there's pictures of it in any magazine or book or a history of what it was built for (some other company?) It is easy to confuse it with the Studebaker prototype they built and which Studebaker tested but not the same car. This one, in the black and white photos, is a dark color and more or less follows the 356 lines, mostly less.
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