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  1. Caught Gary Wales replica of the '38 Y-job rolling into the Benedict Castle concours March 31st in Riverside. Didn't have time to ask him if it is a modern drivetrain underneath. Anybody know if it is restomoddish in terms of engine, trans and suspension? It is amazing for a guy at least 75 that he has the energy to create so many cars (still working on LeBestioni variations).
  2. Here s some pictures. Looks like it had a folding metal hardtop unlike the two seater Tbird which had a folding cloth top and a removable hardtop
  3. I noticed Linc. is having opera doors again as an option, so I started looking for other great ideas they could revive and found this two seater concept car which looks a lot like the production two seater Thunderbird. :I was wondering if the car was sold when Ford had a sale of former dream cars, some of which looked photographable but didn't have working drive trains. Here's some publicity pablum The Lincoln Mark X (ten in Roman numerals) from the 2004 Detroit Motor Show is a true American Luxury cruiser with a power retractable glass hard top.The minimalist exterio
  4. I have one on order. but love to hear if you agree iwththe portrayal or feel they left anything out.? I think themore Ilook at Motorama cars the more of a genius I think he was. Here's the publisher's description Fins Harley Earl, the Rise of General Motors, and the Glory Days of Detroit by William Knoedelseder On Sale: 09/18/2018 $29.99 Spend $49 and get FREE shipping on HC.com Format: Hardcover E-book Digital Audiobook Unabridged Trade PB Quantity: ADD TO CART Amazon
  5. Are Design Renderings Fine Art? Well, this can of worms was opened when the respected Detroit Institute of Arts announced they will be doing a retrospective on car design in 2020. Included will be some real cars (not room for more than ten) and some design renderings, maybe as few as 35. Which will mean that design renderings originally one at automakers' behest, will be in an art museum. Which to me automatically makes them "fine art." I have a little battle going with a man who is in a society of automotive fine artists who says drawings made on the way to
  6. This article is reprinted with my permission, I'm the author. I haven't heard anything about any theories of how the car plumb disappeared. It's not easy to rebody it , what body would fit over it, maybe a '53 Corvette but that body would have been hard to get ocmplete in '53? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING 1953 CADILLAC LE MANS CONCEPT published
  7. Here's the pictures. On the one with the stars, the stars seem randomly applied, on a real military jacket wouldn't they be in a neat row? Also on the back of the jacket there is a painting of a black panther atop the flag and the big number "43" was that a military unit? The ad says it is hand painted. And it is in the women's department! Another jacket from RLR Ranch had that yellow patch shaped like a shield with a diagonal black line and horse head (7th Cavalry?) I'm just interested in opinions on the popularity of distressed-or-old looking brand new clothing
  8. I get a laugh out of Ralph Lauren's Double R ranch line of leather jackets, particuarly the ones that look like old flight jackets. Somehow they look worn a hell on the outside but have new looking liners and wrist elastic. They have old military unit patches here and there and one style has faded white stars, similar to the single star seen on cargo planes in the Korean war. Some ads say "Hamlin", is that a type of leather? Anyway these cost something like $990 to $1400! I think the market is young peole who haven't put in much hard labor but want a jacket that looks like it's been worn for d
  9. I am a historian. Certain cars stick in the back of my mind as I wonder what's happened to them. Among them is this Corvette. Several years ago I corresponded with someone who bought his '56 or '57 Corvette show car, double racing windscreens, white body , center blue stripe, stainless steel concave, but as I remember there was a dispute over who owned it. The first guy that bought it from GM let his son drive it and the kid smashed it bad. The second guy that bought it rebuilt the wreck and sent me tantalizing pictures of it somewhere restored but t wasn't showing it because there is still a
  10. Back again,same subject, only four years later...am writing a story on this still missing car--I fear it was sent back to Warren, MI and destroyed, But for the story I need a color glossy picture (like a press release) front 3/4 and rear 3/4. I like the car in both blue and its later red. Hard to find is the red one when it had the top up. On this same forum, the moderator reported he once heard from a man who said he owned it but there was no follow-up so without a name or State it's hard to get on such a cold trail. Anybody who sends me a high res. image I can use (maybe a shot you took you
  11. I recently became interested in what happened to James Dean's 1955 pre-A Speedster, the white 1500 Super that he raced before he traded it in on the 550 spyder that he was killed in. One website lists the Speedster as having SN80126. The owner after Dean traded it in was coincidentally his room-mate Lew Bracker (still alive and resident of Palm Springs). I would like to hear if anybody remembers the name of any owners after that, figuring it must have had at least five owners by now, since 60 years have passed. The car is white, black upohosltery with white piping carpeting color is listed a
  12. On the Fernandez & Darrin designed sedanca de ville, I recall sitting at a car show and hearing a man about 40 telling a friend that his family once owned that car back East and that as lads, they replaced the grille with a Rolls Royce grille, and had fun driving it around with one of them dressed as a chauffeur. Has anyone else heard that story and know if it has been printed anywhere? I would like to find out when that was, what they bought it for and what they eventually sold it for (maybe with the Buick grille back on it?). I personally think town cars really would have been politicall
  13. I found a black & white photo of the mk.III which I think was red so that means the gentleman must have the blue Mk.II. Here is the site with the Mk.III photo http://www.carstyling.ru/resources/concept/large/1959_Oldsmobile_F-88_Mark-3_03.jpg
  14. http://www.conceptcarz.com/view/photo/4906,11139/1954-Oldsmobile-F-88-Concept_photo.aspx Yes, that is the car, the blue one,the above URl showing the front 3/4 view, though I remember seeing it in red and with a more horizontal grille, flat on the top and bottom. I notice it has tiny headrest fairings such as appeared on the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky almost half a century later. Also I find the groove on the side fascinating, I think that was used on the Pontiac Grand Prix in the Sixties. So is this car at the GM museum or lost in the sands of time, and does the fact I have seen it pictu
  15. I never saw this car in person but in the pictures the red car looks very contemporary even today. It had a wide grille mouth, deep inset, with mesh grille, and was a two seater with a hardtop that rose out of the rear automatically if the rain sensor sensed rain. I believe he was presented with this car when he retired and took it down to Florida, to Palm Beach But the rain sensor (I think from my exp. in Florida it rains daily for a brief period) malfunctioned and he sent it back to Warren, MI for fettling so many times I believe one time they just said "Enough already" and kept the car. I w
  16. I have been searching for a way to write a barn find story on King Farouk's 540K C cabriolet, pictured on this website by the last museum that had it http://www.fmm.co.za/dt_portfolio/mercedes-benz-540k-cabriolet/ in South Africa. That's because Farouk was such a party animal, but what I need to find out is: a Frenchman found it in France, I was wondering what year that was, and approximately what he bought it for? I don't care about its present day value (I am sure it starts at a million) I only want to know what I could have bought it for if I'd known it was sitting derelict in France back
  17. I would say the brain bender from Edinmass is the Blue Goose of Goering, a 540K captured near Hitler's Eagle's Nest and subsequently driven by a US genral before being taken to the US to display at war bond drives. I didn't look at the other pics but after it was captured it had 101st Airborne painted on the front bumper. His car had a bulletproof shield raisable behind the cockpit, a blue lensed road lamp near the windscreen and a bullet hole from when the GIs that found it tested the car's bulletproofness. I was wondering if any MB buffs noticed if the Mercedes 540K four seater that recently
  18. I would rather have some private individuals who can be consulted on a car's history than the factory. The last I heard from the factory, they would only tell me about a car when it was new, and even then, though I wrote them weeks ago asking about the SN of the erdmann & Rossi King Ghazi 500K they didn't answer. So once the archives left private hands you are at the mercy of a PR department which takes its own times and decides who they will answer and who they won't.
  19. OK I think I got it straight which one is the fake Saddam Hussein/ex-King Ghazi Mercedes 500K, the one that showed up at the St. James concours in London in 2013. Now the question is when will the real one reappear? But now off on another expeditiion (on the net only, not real traveling) , lke to know on ex-King Farouk 540K C cabriolet, painted dark red , and now in South Africa museum, pictured here http://www.fmm.co.za/dt_portfolio/mercedes-benz-540k-cabriolet/ who was it that "barn found" it in 1988 and was it recorded in any magazine or newspaper what was paid? Was the car in bad shape? I
  20. I like the yellow and black livery. I think that's the way Saddam got it from the Museum when he glommed onto it. Then when it was sent to Germany to be restored it was repainted silver. The confusing thing is that a lookalike, with full skirts installed front and rear, was recently entered see here http://www.sportscardigest.com/wp-content/uploads/DSC_07732.jpg License plate HN ER936H in the St. James concours in 2013 (pictured in Octane magazine) so now with this copy floating about it's difficult to tell which one is the real King Ghazi car since I haven't found the King Ghazi Erdmann &a
  21. I was led to believe by a restorer in Orange,CA that the car was photographed in silver in an underground garage in Baghdad by US troops. I didn't copy the picture but think I remember a modern gas vapor lighting post on the post behind the car and since those weren't invented before the wear, I concluded it was a modern picture. I have what I think is a rare shot of the car prior to being shipped to Germany, when it was a hideous combination of black and yellow. On this page they identiy it as the King Ghazi /saddam Hussein car http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=397594&pa
  22. Well, this is certainly opening up a can of worms.I think that the Goering (also spelled Goring) car was owned by the German government, so when the US Army 10st Airborne confiscated it, they were confiscating enemy property. There is no doubt that they owned it, there's pictures of it wearing 101st Airborne labels, (it was used by an American two star general for awhile). I don't know who owned that 500K you refer to when it was taken from Germany but if it belonged to a private family, not associated with the combatants, then there might be some legal argument there. I know there's a paralle
  23. Question about another Erdmann & Rossi prewar Mercedes, I think it was a 1937 500K or 540K. I am a historian trying to follow the trail of the full skirted (front and back skirts) Erdmann & Rossi 500K built for King Ghasi (Ghazi?) of Iraq and appropriated by Saddam Hussein. Recently Octane magazine published a picture of what they said was the same car at the concours in London in October or November 2013 but I maintain that the car, though discovered by US troops invading Baghdad, is now lost again. I suppose the confusion is due to the fact that when King Hussein of Jordan sent the o
  24. I am a historian recently interested in this car's history. I have a few misc. questions about the Blue Goose 1. What is the chassis number? 2. In some pictures it seems like behind the seats there is a vertical rising bulletproof shield, or is that just the luggage bin roof? 3. When Dr. Bitgood owned bought it from Samuel Scher of NYC , has it been printed what he bought it for and what he later sold it for? 4. When it sold to Sweden, was that at a public auction? Was the sales price published? 5. Does anyone have the name of the shop that did most of the restoration? 6. Does anyone in the f
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