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Christmas wish list

Guest jims41LC

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Guest jims41LC

Happy Holidays to our fellow LC and Zephyrist friends!!

Now that our first full season of showing our unrestored LC at local car shows and the LCOC Western meet is over and car is in the cozy confines of our garage, I have come up a Christmas list for it.

1. Maybe fix the scratches in paint-but there is something to be said for originality and patina.

2. Correct Steering wheel instead of post-war one.

3 .Rear bumper gravel shield

4. Correct overdrive control box

5. Correct color trunk carpet

6. Bumper jack

7.1941 owners manual

8. Period correct battery and hold down

Wow what a list! Santa can ya hear me? I've been good so how about some help ?

Oh and before I close , we are hoping for a Black Label Lincoln MKC too.Just waiting for our local dealer go become a Black Label Dealer.

To all Good Cheer from Jim & Laurie

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The Lincoln "Black Label Program" is a concept open to many, but not all Lincoln dealerships where a buyer can slelect an incredible variety of seats, bolsters, headliner, shitching, woods, metals etc. Its likely that no two Black Label MKZ Lincolns will be built. It's a great concept, unlike anything out there. Sort of a throwback to the custom bodies of yesteryear. Yes, the cynics will be negative on it but Lincoln is trying to assert itself in the luxury field and this is a good step in that direction.

If I had the $, I would own one. :rolleyes:

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If your paint is not a metallic color, you can go to an automotive paint supply dealer and have him color match your paint in acrylic enamel and also buy a fine nib file. Then go to an artist supply store and buy a very fine tip camel hair brush. Take the nib file, using light pressure, and push it in the direction of the arrow along the scratch to remove any raised sections. Then use your artist brush and properly thinned paint to fill in the scratch. Use the nib file after the paint has dried to remove any raised areas. This should give you a repair that requires close examination to find. Practice on the lower parts of the body, where any mistakes will be less obvious.

Metallic colors will come out very dark using this procedure, you will have to become proficient with an air brush to touch up scratches in these colors.

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That is a great concept, unfortunately my money supply would not support that purchase, I am limited to buying a good used Lincoln. I have had phenomenal luck. I am on my 5th used Lincoln I buy the extended warranty from Ford--its a worry free drive. Thanks for the info. Glenn Lorei b6vt

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Guest jims41LC

Happy Holidays to everyone here!

Message sent to Keith on the wheel. Thanks to all for your support.

We did get the last thing mentioned done. We found out that we won't get a Black Label Dealer in our area in the forseable future ,so we configured a new 2015 MkC as close as possible and our local dealer will give us the primo Lincoln owner experience throughout our ownership as the Black label Dealers will do. We took delivery yesterday to a loaded Midnight Sapphire Blue with Espresso and Sand interior. It needed to pass the DW(dear wife) test and did!! She loves it and is now sitting next to the '41 in the garage.

Now I can work on the rest of the list for the '41

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