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Delco Remy distributor identification question

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I have a Delco Remy distributor which is stamped with the model # 840 T (serial # 2462).

I believe it may be from an early 6-cylinder Chevrolet, but I can find no information.

This is currently installed in a 1929 Franklin that I have recently pulled from a very long-term storage (it is not the original Franklin equipment, but many of these engines had Delco-Remy distributors added).

I need to purchase a new cap, rotor, points, and condenser and would like to confirm the original application.

Thank you for any help.


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I just checks my 1939 Delco Remy parts manual and "ALL" 1930 - 1939 Distributors listed over that time period, that have a part number with 3 digit number followed by a letter, begin with the number 6. Example number 644D would be for my 1933 Chevrolet Master.

There are no distributors listed with numbers starting with an 8 for the 3 number and 1 letter numbering format. All part numbers starting with a 5 are for ignition coils, 6 for distributors, 7 for starters and 9 for generators until they changed their numbering system later in the 1930s.

I do not know what they may have done with the numbering system prior to 1930.

This seem to indicate that it is not a 1930 - 1939 distributor.

Best of luck finding the original application.

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Thank you for the insight.

I have been told the number may actually be "640T" rather than "840T".

It sure looks like an "8", but I can be argued to a "6", as that seems to be the most likely.

Thus, I understand I can purchase tune-up parts for a 1950 Chevrolet 6-cylinder.

I appreciate the help and insight.


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I have an old french V8  DELAGE D8S equipped with a DELCO REMY DISTRIBUTOR MODEL 652C SERIE 2221

I have to replace some parts as the cap ,rotor and twin points:

Is iT somebody who is able to help me in my research:I am in FRANCE and the delco remy distributorS are not very common ,may be the 652 C has aquipped some american cars that could facilitate my research too

thank you for your help

best regards



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That's a late 20's to early 30's 8 cyl. distributor. But the ID number is not complete. A letter following the number is missing e.g. 652-E.

What letter is it?



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