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  1. I am looking for a 1936-1940 Packard 120. I would prefer a coupe or club sedan, but I would consider any model of a restored/survivor, within this time period. This is to be a driver which is used regularly (I am located on the west coast). Thanks for any leads. Jim
  2. I am looking for a 1936-1940 Packard 120. I would prefer a coupe or club sedan, but I would look at all models of good restored/survivor “drivers” within this time period. Thanks for any leads. Jim
  3. Jrbrks

    Autocad Animation of Webber Carburetor Whoa..!

    Thank you for sharing! The video is really powerful! My only add would be a voiceover defining each of the parts as it is being assembled for those of us not as familiar with all the parts. Jin
  4. Jrbrks

    1926 Buick

    Really nicely done Buick. Best of luck
  5. Jrbrks

    1930 Peerless Six 61A

    Can anyone address how difficult mechanical parts are to locate or purchase?
  6. Jrbrks

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    I want to thank everyone for their thoughts, suggestions and advice. It has really helped, as I now have all four new tires mounted. There is some issue with the “problem” rim, I provided pictures for above. It appears slightly twisted and can not be fully aligned, even with the tire completely removed. It just seems a little bit off center (or something??). When I mounted the tire on a different rim, I had no issues. It did help to rearrange the rim tool for expanding the rim, as suggested above. For the “problem” rim, there was nothing I could do to get the rim to fully expand and mate properly on both sides. Thanks again for all the terrific advice. While I am somewhat slow, mounting new tires, tubes and flaps on these collapsible rims is not that difficult for a complete novice, once you have access to the information in this thread. I may see if I can locate a tire or wheel repair shop that could evaluate my “problem” rim and perhaps adjust it to be useful, once again. Jim
  7. Jrbrks

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    I will turn the spreader as both of the above folks suggest and try again. I guess my issue is whether there is something I may have done wrong. As the rim is clearly offset at the center seam, I am wondering if it is binding somehow on something? Wheaties are worth a try, but I am doubtful they will improve my skills. Jim
  8. Jrbrks

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    Thank you. In this case, I did rotate the arms as you suggest, and it did not make a difference. I should have included that information. In repairing flats and mounting two new tires, I had no issue expanding the rim. Only this rim is causing a problem, and it appeared fine when I removed the old tire and reinstalled the new tire. In fact, I had been driving the car on a limited basis using the tire on this rim, and there were no issues, eg old tire and tube held air pressure fine. I am only replacing the tires, because I know they are at least 44 years old and two of them were showing serious cracks in the side walls. Jim
  9. Jrbrks

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    I am having an issue expanding the rim, while mounting one of the new Firestone blackball tires that I recently purchased (6.50 x 19). I have successfully mounted two of the four tires with no issues, other than I am very, very slow. I have the proper rim expanding/rim shrinking tool for collapsing/expanding the rim (I have the wooden wheels). For the current rim, I was able to collapse the rim, remove the old tire, tube and flap and install the new tire tube and flap. However, I am unable to expand the rim fully with the rim expanding tool pulled as tightly as I am able or dare to pull it. One side of the rim appears fully expanded but the other side continues to have approximately 1/8 inch overlap and will not budge further. Moving the rim expanding tool to the opposite side of the wheel does not work. Something is clearly wrong, as it should not be this difficult. Since beginning this thread, I have repaired two flat tires and on two of the five rims and installed new tires on two other rims. This is the first removal and reinstallation with the current "problem rim", but there was nothing unusual with this rim when I removed the old tire and reinstalled the new tire. Has anyone encountered this issue? Clearly, something is wrong, but I am at a loss. I have now done this enough times to know that expanding the rim with the rim expanding tool is not difficult. I have pictures. The first picture shows the half of the rim that seems expanded, while the third picture shows the other half of the rim that continues to be overlapped. The center photo shows the tool mounted on the wheel. Any thoughts or advice are appreciated. I am stumped. Jim
  10. Jrbrks

    Appropriate amperage reading at idle?

    Thanks to all for the great feedback/advice. I appreciate it. Jim
  11. Jrbrks

    Appropriate amperage reading at idle?

    Thank you for the advice. I did a search and was not finding instructions on how to adjust the generator (the shop manuals for my specific vehicle include limited information), and I have not previously owned a vehicle of this vintage. I will conduct an additional search. Thanks again Jim
  12. I am slowly bringing a 1929 Franklin 135 back to the road after many years of storage by a previous owner. Currently, my dash amp meter gauge reads +10 amps charging at idle. It increases as I accelerate. if I turn on the headlights, the gauge stays positive but is close to zero at idle. Is this “normal”, or should the amperage read closer to zero? Thanks Jim
  13. Jrbrks

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    Am I able to use 7.00 x 19 tires on a 1929 Model 135? I do not have sidemounts. I have the wood wheels with collapsible rims. The car currently has 6.50 x 19. Would the 7.00 x 19 be any more difficult to mount than the 6.50 x 19 on my current collapsible rims? Thanks
  14. Jrbrks

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    Having used the great advice provided to learn to remove and reinstall tires, tubes and flaps........ I am now requesting recommendations for new tire and tube purchases for my 1929 Franklin Model 135? Questions for tire size 6.50 x 19: 1) Preferred dealers? I have no previous experience or bias with any of the classic tire dealers. I live in California and could potentially pick the tires up from dealers in the state, eg Lucas tire. 2) Preferred brand of tire? Is there any chance of something being manufactured in the U.S.? 3) Preferred supplier of tubes? Is there a quality tube supplier available? I see tubes priced between $27-$58. Are they different? I have read that some folks have used modern light truck tire tubes, but I do not know, if such would exist in the 19 inch size? Any thoughts or experience? 4). Whitewall or Blackwall? I have read the new whitewalls are poorly made and the whitewall begins to immediately discolor to tan and can not be readily bleached to white? 5). Potential to request tires recently manufactured? I have read that some suppliers will ship “new” tires that are already several years old. Thoughts or experiences to avoid this? 6). I saw an offering of a radial in this size? Is a radial a viable consideration for this vehicle? I have the wood spoke wheels on my car. I do not have overdrive or different rear end gears, so my cruising speed seems to only be approximately 41 mph. I am not trying to go the cheapest route and would like to do tire changes and repairs as little as possible. I can now do the repairs, but it still requires an hour or more per wheel. I will be regularly driving my car. Thanks for any thoughts or advice. Jim
  15. Jrbrks

    Tire replacement questions - 1929 Model 135

    Thank you, Bill It helps to know that I am removing the rim from the tire. I was concerned to potentially bend the rim by pulling in too far, and I did remove the tool before trying to remove the tire. I will follow your advice, and I should have better luck. Thanks again. Jim