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  1. Looks like the ZA. General info at the front of the book covers the paint code for Woolsley, Morris 6, Morris Oxford, Morris Cowley, Morris Minor, MG, Riley, Isis, and the Half Ton.
  2. Additional photos of the 1939 LaSalle Radio for sale.
  3. MG Magnette Workshop Manual in good condition. $35
  4. 1939 LaSalle radio for sale. In good physical condition. Unable to test operation (no antennae or battery). $800
  5. Looking for a front bumper stone deflector/gravel shield. This is the flat metal piece that sits on top of the bumper brackets.
  6. Will a 1948 Chrysler front bumper fit a 1948 Dodge coupe?
  7. I'm looking for a good 1951-52 frame for the Champion or Commander model.
  8. GM dual pattern aluminum bellhousing for sale. This fits Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, and Olds. Has starter mounting on either side of the bellhousing. Part #14037657. No cracks or breaks. $125
  9. Aluminum bellhousing #3858403 in good condition. No cracks or broken parts. $50
  10. Pair of OEM fender skirts from a 1951 Chevy. May fit other years. In very good condition with mounting tabs and latches. Blue. Stamper 50F207 on the tabs. Measures about 30 1/4" wide by 10" tall. Skirts are sold.
  11. One More-Lite 7 1/2" headlight lens. In great condition with no chips or cracks. Patent date is May 23, 1917 $45obo
  12. One Guide Ray 10" drum style headlight in good condition. Lens is marked Guide Motor Lamp and Type A designed for Mazda lamp 1101. No chips, cracks, or dents. Includes the reflector.$75.00
  13. stude1946

    Quadrajet carb

    The quadrajet s a fine carb with very small primaries and very large secondaries. Driven moderately it returns fine mileage but hard driving opens those secondaries resulting in great power with the resulting poor mileage. GM used the quadrajet on millions of vehicles throughout the years with very few problems. One area they did experience was weeking core plugs in the bottom of the carb. Check with your local shop to see if this is occurring.
  14. Used cast iron bellhousing for the 216 or 235 inline six cylinder. In great condition. $75 includes free shipping to the lower 48 states.
  15. The one I had on my '37 120CD had wire going to the chicken wire in the roof covering. Reception was poor possible due to age. It was better when the under runningboard antenna was installed.
  16. I can check my Delco book next week when I get home if it will help. Just let me know.
  17. Shouldn't be a problem as long as the vehicles aren't touching each other. GMC use positive ground for quite awhile while Chevy used negative ground.
  18. TIA stands for Tire Industry Association. They set the standards for anything tire related such as tire and wheel repairs etc. The repair industry, tire manufacturers, equipment suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, along with others meet to set standards. Basically anything tire related whether it is a scooter, motorcycle, passenger car, dump truck to even the big rigs to even earth moving equipment follows these standards. Twice a year TIA hold instruction classes where people from the field are trained in order to instruct techs in the proper techniques to diagnose tires and properly install, repair, and maintain them.
  19. I have worked in the automotive/truck field for decades (ASE master tech, TIA commercial tire instructor, state and federal vehicle inspector, etc). I have operated both 6 volt, 12 volt, and the occasional big rig. My daily vehicle for decades was a 1947 Chevy truck switched to 12 volts. You can convert a 6 volt to 12 volt but will need to change all bulbs to 12 volt. All electrical gauges radio, and motors (generator, wipers, blower) would have to have resistors or be changed to 12 volts. A lot of vehicles from the 1960's and onward had their voltage dropped from 12 volt by resistors. You will have to drop the voltage via resister for the point system. You can keep your existing 6 volt starter without dropping the voltage. 12 volts will make it spin faster. The same goes with a 6 volt horn (12 volts will make them louder). The main thing to remember with 6 volt systems is that all connections need to be clean and wiring is thicker. A properly timed and tuned vehicle with 6 volts will be slower cranking (compared to 12 volts) but will operate fine. The changeover is fairly simple. The biggest advantage is much greater parts selection especially if you want to travel with the vehicle. For instance, see how many parts stores carry 6 volt batteries and how many choices they offer when compared to 12 volts. Another example is a 6 volt flasher versus the many choices for a 12 volt flasher
  20. Two harmonic balancers for the 216 and 235 inline six cylinders. Gray one has a new seal included. $30 each
  21. Motor mounts (transmission) $100 Clutch and brake pedals wit rear shelf support brackets $25 Radiator cap $20