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Materials for seals and gaskets - help

Doc Hubler

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Hi, I have a 1967 Oldsmobile that I'm trying to restore. I am unable to purchase a number of seals for the taillamps, front turn signal, backup lamps, and the heater/AC box seals. I need rubber, firm but sill somewhat foamy, that can be cut to make these. There are 3 different thicknesses. 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2". The heater box piece is overall roughly 2 ft x 2 ft in outer dimention (of course it's an outline dimension). I've tried Steele Rubber, I've tried some vendors suggested by Steele, I've tried Fusick, I've tried local vendors. Where does one get the appropriate sheet rubber to cut these patterns from? I don't need to buy 20-50 times the size roll that I need just to get this stuff (minumum I've found is about $500 for a large roll of one thickness -- totally unworkable for a hobbyist). The rubber used for these is neoprene, pretty sure. Some have tried to sell EPDM which is probably over the top in terms of need. Any help is appareciated!

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Might be worth looking at your local hardware store: My local hardware store stocks rubber sheet stock, both foam that seems to be neoprene and a non-foam type, that they sell by the square foot or even fractional square foot. I've used it for making rubber gaskets, etc. for my car.

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