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1940 wiper towers


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There are two different towers (transmissions), one for the 49-60-80-90 series, and a different one for the 50-70 series. Look on backside of yours and see if it says 40BOP (shared with 1941) or 39BOP (shared with 1939). BOP means the transmission is shared with some Olds and Pontiac models. 1941BUICK fits the 1941 short wheelbase Special. If the wiper transmission you find came from an Olds or Pontiac you will have to change the arms over from your old transmissions. I can't tell you how, but my guy has done it often over the years with my Buicks.

Just as an aside, I think the 1941 Buick 50-70 series has 41COPB or something similar on the back, memory fails me, but the 1941 Buick 50-70 series is shared with the Cadillac 62, Olds 90 and Pontiac 29 series.

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